Meet the Chorus

Introducing four members of the “Little Women” chorus

Liberty’s first musical, “Little Women,” includes several talented leads, such as Julia Wolz (Jo March) and Cameron Jones (Professor Bhaer). However, it also includes many exceptional chorus members. Don’t forget to stop by Liberty’s theater on March 15-17 at 7 p.m. to see the performance. Tickets are on sale at lunch for $5 per student and $6 per adult, and will also be sold before each performance.

Alyssa Place

Freshman Alyssa Place is no rookie on the stage; she’s been involved with musicals since first grade. Since then Place has performed in many musicals at her church, including playing Liza in “Spend Awhile on the Nile.” She was also familiar to Frontier’s stage, and considers her role as a Duloc Dancer in “Shrek the Musical Jr.” her favorite overall.  Although “Hamilton” takes the cake for her favorite musical, she’s beyond thrilled to perform in the “Little Women”chorus of hags. Chorus is special to her because she can perform, while still having time to run track or play the piano. Her favorite song in the musical is the catchy dance number “Five Forever,” which she hopes will be your favorite too.

“Theater has made me really appreciate music, and all of the work behind the scenes.”

Nash Gilbo

Sophomore Nash Gilbo, known for his trademark beard, is proud to be a member of the chorus of monks. His debut on Liberty’s stage was in the one act play “13 Ways to Screw Up a College Interview,” as Melvin. Gilbo considers this role his favorite due to the strange nature of the character, and the spontaneous freedom that came with the role. He was introduced to theater by classes offered at his previous school, and was influenced by our own Mrs. Willis to audition for the Night of Comedy. Gilbo’s favorite thing about being in chorus is the teamwork, which has been very enjoyable for him. “Little Women” has been his first glimpse into musicals, and his favorite song is “Off to Massachusetts.”

“Theater has given me an idea for what I want to do in college.”

Ashlynn Thompson

You may know Ashlynn Thompson from her role as Matilda in “Avoiding the Pitfalls of High School Dating,” her personal favorite role. In fact, she’s been a part of nearly every show Liberty has produced. Now, as a junior, she is a part of the chorus of trolls, which has been a truly enjoyable experience for her. Chorus for her has been working with so many different people, and learning from them how to become a better actress. She’s loved watching the show grow through it’s many different stages, from simple read-throughs to dress rehearsals. While her favorite musical is a constant battle between “Be More Chill,” “Hamilton” and “Heathers,” she’s loved “Little Women.” Specifically her favorite song is, “Some Things are Meant to Be.” Acting is her passion, and something she hopes to stay true to in the future.

“Theater has taught me how to turn stress and anxiety into something beautiful.”

Zach Sample-Goettling

Junior Zach Sample-Goettling is making his debut on Liberty’s stage as a member of the chorus of monks. Ever since he was in elementary school, he’s wanted to be an actor. While that dream has been traded out for backstage elements like costume design, Goettling is glad that he’s been able to pursue his dream. The biggest musical number in the show, “The Weekly Volcano Press” has been Goettling’s favorite to watch and perform in, for multiple reasons. He enjoys seeing the dueling scene between Rodrigo (Ben Gagliano) and Braxton (Christian Tebeau), as well as getting the chance to sing in Latin. While chorus has required a lot of hard work, Goettling has enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Theater has encouraged him to perform, and has been a positive impact on his life overall. He hopes you take the time to see the show, and enjoy watching it as much as he has.

“Theater has given me something to look forward to.”