The Lip Sync Battle Competitors Have Been Chosen

Liberty students are getting ready for the first ever lip sync battle


Katie Swanson

Ms. Pizzo receives her invitation to be challenged at the Lip Sync battle.

Lola Cadice, Reporter

The news of Liberty hosting its first ever lip sync battle was released earlier this month, and it is only just the beginning. Educators Rising and cheer are hosting Liberty’s first ever lip sync battle on Nov. 28 and it is set be an extremely fun event.

“I’m not allowed to say which students have been chosen – you’ll have to stay tuned for the big announcement,” Ms. Genenbacher said earlier this month.

However, the time has come and the big announcement has finally been released.

First thing’s first. Who are the staff members involved in this battle?

The staff members that have chosen to battle students are: Mr. LaBrot, Mr. Graf, Mr. Haven Watkins, Mr. Barker, Ms. Pizzo, Ms. Kleiber, Mr. Burthardt, Ms. Braswell and the football coaches.

They are all extremely excited to be able to be apart of this lip sync battle and can not wait for everybody to see it.

The students that have been chosen by teachers are also very excited and were all shocked when they received the news that they would be apart of this battle.

Mr. LaBrot has chosen seniors Mikey Dawdy, Brice Moreland, sophomores Alec Mitan and Jaxson Wheeler. Ms. Kleiber has chosen senior Nolan Bone and freshman Diego Rocca. Mr. Burthardt chose senior Parker Freeman and Ms. Braswell has chosen junior Delaney Engelhardt and the varsity dance team.

Mr. Graf chose seniors Liam Finnegan and Luke Carter; Haven Watkins (a custodian) chose junior Aminhan Lobster; Ms. Pizzo chose junior Emily Gann; Mr. Barker chose to battle senior Daphne Becker; and a couple of our  football coaches chose seniors Reed Sutton, Jarrin McKeithen, Garrett Overton, Hunter Perkins, Tayte Sanders, Grant Baker, Daniel Hempen, junior Cooper Terrell and Mitchell Eckhardt.    

People should attend the battle because you will see performers in a different setting and having fun. I look forward to some laughs,” Ms. Pizzo said. “Emily Gann and I have a song. It’s a surprise, but I have not been practicing long.”

Ms. Pizzo is excited, yet a little nervous, because she has not practiced that much. You can see what happens if you attend this event.

Aminhan Lobster was extremely shocked when she was chosen to be a part of the challenge.

“I was surprised I was chosen especially since the person who ‘challenged’ me was a custodian that works the night shift,” Lobster said.

To tell all of these students, that they were going to be in this battle with them, teachers sent out a balloon with a picture of their face on it. It was a great way to start telling people about the challenge and made people get excited.

“When I received my balloon, I immediately laughed. I was really amused and thought the whole situation was very funny,” Lobster said.

In addition to these songs being lip sang by staff and students, there will be a couple of other challenges thrown into the exciting night. Some of the staff and students will be participating in an Oreo stack, junk in the trunk and chubby bunny challenge.

Admission is $5 and will be used towards cheer and for gifts for our staff.