Lip Syncing For A Cause

Teachers and students went head to head and had students laughing all night long


Abby Jordan

Junior Annette Oliphant drops the mic. after performing “Mamma Mia.” She defeated her mother, Mrs. T.O., in Liberty’s first ever lip sync battle.

Lola Cadice, Reporter

Liberty kicked off their first ever lip sync battle sponsored by Educators Rising and Cheer bringing the audience to laughter and tears in front of a big crowd in the theatre.

Earlier this month, teachers chose students that they would be competing against and on Nov. 28 at 6 p.m., the battle finally took place.

The teachers and students had prepared for awhile and could not wait for people to see what they had been practicing. If you won the battle, you received a small trophy of a microphone, so if you were a winner you were able to take this trophy home.

First up, was a mother v.s daughter, Mrs. T.O. and Annette Oliphant. Annette ended up winning the battle singing, “Mamma Mia” and Mrs. T.O. lost even though she had a great Christmas outfit and props.

“Even though I practiced for 10-15 minutes, I still think I was prepared enough,” Annette said. “The adrenaline really got to me and it ended up being fine.”

Mrs. T.O. was extremely excited about this event and loved being able to be apart of it.

“I loved this event because it was way to help Educators Rising, cheer, and most importantly Ms. Kleiber,” said T.O. “Secondly, it was fun to get to to perform with my daughter.”

At first I was skeptical of how the night would turn out, but once I watched it I really enjoyed it and got a good laugh from it. I definitely think Liberty should have more events like this because I loved seeing the teachers and students really getting involved.

— Grace Pupillo, sophomore

To send love and support to Coach Kleiber, who is battling breast cancer, the crowd raised more than $200 to help and support her through this difficult time. This was great to add to the night, because it really helped someone and made people show respect towards this cause.

Next, was Mr. LaBrot vs. Mike Dawdy and Jaxon Wheeler. Mr. LaBrot won lip syncing a mix of his favorite songs “Take These Broken Wings”, “Genie in a Bottle” and “Here I Go Again.”

Mr. LaBrot went all out with quick costume changes, props and fun music. The boys had a good song and good choreography but did not make the cut.

Before you walked into the theatre, there was a table set up for a QT gift card raffle. Almost every student who attended the battle decided to sign up, thinking they could have the chance of winning a gift card without having to do anything in return, but they were wrong.

If your name was drawn, you would have to go up onstage and lip sync to the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. Two students – Cesar Padilla-Verdayes and Parker Freeman – had to go up and lip sync but still each ended up with QT gift cards in return.

Grace Pupillo, who was in the audience, really enjoyed the Lip Sync Battle and hopes to see Liberty do another event like this in the future.

“At first I was skeptical of how the night would turn out, but once I watched it I really enjoyed it and got a good laugh from it,” Pupillo said. “I definitely think Liberty should have more events like this because I loved seeing the teachers and students really getting involved.”

Next up, Mr. O’Donnell went up against Chrissy Stewart and Ruthie Clancy. Stewart and Clancy won lip syncing to “Fergalicious” while O’Donnell sadly lost.

In addition to these fun songs being performed, more teachers and students had fun extra challenges that they also performed. These challenges were an Oreo stack featuring Coach Kleekamp v.s. Claire Royer (tie), Tissue Trouble game featuring Mrs. Gehrke vs. Evan Mantz (winner), and a Chubby Bunny game that featured Mrs. Clark (winner) vs. Lilly Lankford.

Next, Coach Kling and Coach McMillen went against Aminhan Lobster. Lobster won lip syncing to “Crazy In Love.” The crowd went crazy for Lobster and it was an obvious win to the audience.

Next up was Mr. Jesse Graf vs. Luke Carter and Liam Finnegan. Jesse won lip syncing to a song about Taco Bell. He also had backup students involved in the song and these students were dressed up as a taco and Mountain Dew.

Mr. Burthardt then lost against Morgan and Jo Stevens who lip sang to “Best Of Both Worlds.” Ms. Pizzo and Emily Gann had a duet and Gann sang to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, while Pizzo had some great choreography.

LHS Cheer, who was a sponsor for this event, also did a challenge where they all did a press up. They had to see who held it the longest, yet they ran out of time. They each held the press up for the same amount of time.

The real crowd favorite was when Mr. Barker lip sang to “Wrecking Ball” and wowed the crowd with his choreography and costume. His costume consisted of a white tank top and white short shorts. He went against Daphne Becker who also did a fantastic job. Barker however, really went all out and had the crowd laughing to tears.

To end the night, there was a video shown featuring our administration lip syncing to “Get Your Head In The Game” and the crowd went wild. This video was hilarious and was the highlight of the night.

A special thanks goes out to Educators Rising and LHS Cheer for helping to sponsor this fun event as well as Mr. Eversole and Mrs. Gehrke.

The friendly competition was truly a night to remember and hopefully will happen again at Liberty sometime in the future. It was great to see students and teachers interacting and creating such a fun night for everyone to enjoy.

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