Leaving Everything on the Court

Girls varsity basketball team is playing one of their best seasons yet


Haleigh McCune

Sara Gordley dribbles down the court in a game at the Warrenton Tournament.

Brooke Huffman, Reporter

While the attention usually falls on the boys basketball team, our own girls varsity is performing their best season in years. With a record of 6-6, and wins against Washington, Winfield, and O’Fallon Christian, they’ve shown a lot of improvement. 

“I think this year we have better overall basketball players.  Last year, we had a lot of underclassmen. This year they are a year older and more ready for the the varsity level speed,” girls varsity coach Mr. Walterbach said.

Last year’s record was 6-19, the sixth win not occurring until Feb. 20. This year’s team had already secured their sixth win in January, and won both their first and second games. The team had even managed to beat Washington and O’Fallon Christian, which previous teams have never accomplished.

“We’ve learned how to work with each other better as the season progressed. It’s better than it was last year, but there’s always room for corrections because no one ever has a perfect game,” sophomore Toni Patterson said. “I think that we’re going to do way better for the rest of our season as we fix the little things and become stronger as a team.”

The girls varsity team has grown so much, from its first year with a record of 1-14. With a new blend of upper and lowerclassmen, the team is striving to better themselves with each game.

“This year I feel like we have been or should have been in every game.  Last year there were times where we were just completely overmatched. I think this year, we can and should compete with everyone we play against,” Walterbach said.

With 10 games left in the season, the team has plenty of room to thrive. Competing against teams such as Fort Zumwalt North and Timberland, there are plenty of challenges, but Liberty’s teams have a habit of surprising everybody.

Our conference is tough. I’m hoping to pick up some wins and surprise some people. We also have an Affton tournament coming up. This will be a great opportunity to play against teams we wouldn’t normally play against,” Walterbach said.

Refusing to let recent losses stop them, the team is ready to move on and continue to improve.

“We don’t know how it will go, but we will try our best to finish the season strong,” sophomore Sara Gordley said.

Don’t forget to catch the team’s next game Thursday night at Fort Zumwalt North, at 5:30.