The Queen Of Pop

Ariana Grande’s continuous reign over pop is neverending


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Ariana Grande came up from everyone thinking she is going to be a washed up actress, but with her major success she has proven the people wrong, through her talent.

Mollie Banstetter, Reporter

She’s loved and she’s lost but she certainly has achieved major success. The Queen of Pop Ariana Grande has proven her title to be true. She had three songs hit number 1, 2 and 3 at the same time on the #Hot100, which is the first time this has been done since The Beatles in 1964.

Shortly after “Sweetener”, an album about finding her love (Pete Davidson) and dealing with her anxiety was released, Grande went through immense heartbreak. The death of her of her ex, Mac Miller, took a toll on her and is suspected to be the reason why Grande and Davidson broke off their engagement.

Her following album “Thank U, Next”, which was released six months after “Sweetener”, illustrates how she has grown as a person through that tumultuous time and explores the ending of her short engagement with Davidson, her learning to save some time for herself and wanting you to break up with your girlfriend, because frankly she’s bored.

Grande is not only a musical inspiration but she inspires people to be stronger. Freshman Amelia Larocca looks up to her because “she bounces back from literally anything…she just told the world, it’s okay[…]she has shown over the years, you can love yourself without worrying what people think of you.”

Ariana Grande’s Instagram
3 of Ariana Grande’s songs are in the top 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Junior Nicole Krohn looks up to Grande saying, “I personally have really bad confidence, but I’ll just be scrolling through Instagram and sometimes I’ll just go through her Instagram or listen to her music to try to pump me up and make me feel better about myself.”

Senior Kaitlynn Mauck looks up to Grande because “I love her style, I love her fashion, I love the way she dresses herself I love the way she carries herself.”

“I love her style, I love her fashion,” senior Kaitlyn Mauck said. “I love the way she dresses herself I love the way she carries herself.”

Grande empowers her fans to be more confident in themselves and teaches them that they can dress however they want as long as they are comfortable.

Grande has done so much in such a small amount of time. She has achieved things that so many artists have not, especially for such a young age. She has and always will be an inspiration to many.