ASC Leaders Pack Food For Children In Community

Group takes donations as part of the Backpack Impact Project at Morning Star Church


Ms. McMillen

ASC members met at Morning Star Church to organize and pack food for children in need within our district and community.

Abby Jordan, Reporter

Associate Student Council (ASC) volunteered at Morning Star Church on April 3 to conduct their spring community event – The Backpack Impact Project.

The Backpack Impact project involved packing donations of canned/pantry food for children in need of spare groceries for the weekend. For over an hour, ASC members sorted canned goods and divided snack items based on the type of food. Other volunteers folded up the cardboard or packaged boxes. More than 12 ASC members along with over 30 volunteers participated in the event.

“Backpack Impact was a great way for us to serve the community and bond with each other. We had a lot of fun packing food… and throwing trash at one another. I was happy to see a bunch of my peers take time out of their day to help out students that need it,” ASC president sophomore Adelle Coughran said.

Morning Star Church, along with numerous individuals within our community, donated the goods to the project. Groceries provided were dispersed across St. Charles County along with schools within our district including Prairie View Elementary. The students received service hours along with a feeling of pride to giving back to our local community.

“After Backpack Impact, I felt a sense of pride knowing that I had helped those who are less fortunate. It is sad knowing people have to go home wondering if they are going to have food on the table, so I was happy I got to help solve that problem,” ASC committee member sophomore Sam Audrey (10) said.

This year, ASC has grown more involved not only within our school but also in our community. ASC’s primary goal is to continue to grow their program in numbers along with supporting STUCO, our school and community.

“I do think ASC has developed this year,” group sponsor Ms. McMillen said. “We had a good group of solid members and we were able to successfully organize events such as the Turkey Drive and Backpack Impact. I’m looking forward to what we have in store next year.”