Come Together Club Has WSPD Gathering


Elizabeth Hamby, Reporter

As you may have been shuffling into the library after school to get help on your math homework or what not, you probably noticed that the library was taken over leaving you to find help in a different location.

Come Together club had a gathering in the library after school on Tuesday, Sept. 10 to discuss the topic of suicide awareness on World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD). Although this is the first gathering for the club, there is a lot more to come.

Jackson Martin
Sophomores Arti Franklin and Amanda Yoder tentatively listen to Mrs.Gehrke’s presentation at the Sept. 10 Come Together gathering.

Come Together is a club for LHS students interested in raising awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. Leaders are trained to help support distressed peers and teach healthy coping skills. They are trying to create a safe, welcoming environment at Liberty for all students to support each other and talk about real-life challenges without feeling judged.

Members of the club are trained by Mrs. Rustemeyer, the sponsor of the club, and they are responsible for planning events and gatherings for the students.

One of the main things that the club puts together is the Destress Event that they put on for the first time last year on May 1.  It was a huge hit last year with about 200 students attending. The main goal for the event was to calm students for approaching finals and to just destress. 

They are trying to achieve is to try and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in the school environment and society in general.