Cast And Crew Prepare For Upcoming Musical

LHS Theater Arts presents: Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella


Sarah Downs

The cast warms-up their vocals for the upcoming musical.

Emily Hammock, Reporter

The play Cinderella is quickly approaching Nov. 14, 15 and 16 at 7 p.m. on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Tickets go on sale Nov. 1 and costs in advance: $6 adults/$5 students and at door: $7 adults/$6 students.

It is very crazy when it is close to showtime. The last week leading up to the show is tech week when you have all the elements coming together like props, sets moving on and off stage, costume, makeup, etc. It is very emotional and a lot of late nights.

The props will include a big castle bridge and the set crew is going to learn how to make a curved staircase and a pumpkin that will magically transform from into a carriage.

“This is by far our most set-tech heavy show,” Mrs. Gehrke said.  

The costumes are borrowed or rented and some of them are made the big one will be Cinderella and fairy godmother because they both have dress transformation.

Being on stage is nerve-racking but it’s also an adrenaline rush. There is nothing like it were you can embody a character and bring them to life. It can also provide an escape for people for a couple of hours. 

“I think theater teaches empathy because it forces you to think about other characters,” Gehrke said. “It forces you to think about other life sets of things we would never experience.” 

With being on stage, you have to be in the moment and can’t zone out for even a second. With this, comes a lot of trust. You are relying on everyone on the cast and crew to do there part. 

You 100 percent become a family when you do theater,” Gehrke said.