What Makes Us Who We Are

The drive that pushes us to move forward


Annika Pastrana

Charles Hebden enjoys the many benefits of playing soccer. “Having to play with friends, and having the chance to get a scholarship,” Hebden said. Both are of great importance, but that isn’t all. “I play for myself and my sister (Isabella Hebden).” 

Nora Foeller, Reporter

Passion. Passion is what pushes us to reach for the stars. Passion is what proves that the sky is not the limit. We all have it, whether you draw, sing, or dance, there is one thing that keeps us moving forward. That keeps us motivated to prove others wrong and come out on top. 

As a first year cross country runner, Sarah Merino understands motivation all too well.

“What motivates me is to just keep doing better because I want to get better everyday,” Merino said. “It’s what makes me come to practice, so I can be better.”

According to Merino, cross country is a self-driven sport, but that will never stop the support the school and her family give her.

In yet another example, freshmen Zoey Hoselton on the JV dance team pushes herself to reach new heights.

For Hoselton, her motivation for her passion comes from somewhere else.

“Seeing people do better than me,” Hoselton expresses. Watching others do better makes her want to accomplish great things, things that create a chain reaction, impacting us all.

A prime example of passion is Isabella Hebden, who plays on C-team volleyball.

“I play volleyball because I think it’s fun and it’s a team sport, it helps you learn to work together,” Hebden said.

She couldn’t be more right. Working together is a life skill each and every one of us needs to carry. The work Hebden does on her team is evident in all other aspects of her life as well.

Playing on varsity takes effort, time and dedication, but when you care about something you’ll go to any lengths to reach your goal, but all goals need support. 

Not only does one have to play their sport for themselves, but also for others as well.

Lauren Spakowski
The cross country huddles up for team discussion.

Matthew Craig is a freshman who plays on varsity football. Not only does it take time and dedication to be on varsity, but it takes teamwork.

“Doing it for the team, mostly I play it for myself, but it also helps helping out your team, and my family loves watching,” Craig said. Even though an activity may seem to revolve around a person, it’s so much more than that. It involves the ones we love and cherish, along with friends and acquaintances. In the end, an activity brings us closer to others.

Charlie Hebden is on C team soccer and he isn’t only thinking about the here and now, but the who and when.

With college in the future and a family there to support him, he has the drive to continue. Hebden values what keeps him moving forward.

“Having to play with friends, and having the chance to get a scholarship,” Hebden said. Both are of great importance, but that isn’t all. “I play for myself and my sister (Isabella Hebden).” 

Motivation, support, values. That’s what passion is. The ability to be with and there for others. So, it may be hard to define, but it’s clear to see, passion is what makes us who we are.