The Bros Can Dance Too

Liberty’s Belles & Bros dance is a student-body favorite


Photo by Coach Miller

The belles and bros pose together after a great performance to wrap up the homecoming assembly.

Jaxin Osinski, Reporter

A group of guys rocked back and forth in the front three rows of the senior section. As the assembly went on the guys’ palms became hotter, every single one of them sweating right through their blue t-shirts. Nerves strengthen as show time grew closer.

After Family Feud ended it was finally time. The state champs lead the way to the floor, followed by the nervous group of guys.

“After only seven 30 minute practices, lots of funny memories, and text messages that said DON’T CUT YOUR SLEEVES we finally made it to performance day,” Varsity dancer Delaney Engelhardt said.

Everyone settled into their positions took a deep breath and then the music starts to blast. Very quickly there were cartwheels and flips all happening so fast and everyone spread out across the floor.

Students from all over the gym start to erupt into whoops and cheers. 

Before anyone could blink all types of iconic dance moves are happening such as the Milly rock and the worm. Surprisingly all the guys are in-sync right along with the dance team.

“This is the best group of guys we have ever had,” coach Miller said. 

I personally love belles and bros. I think it’s a really great way to get students involved with the dance team.

— Kylie Bernet

The real action started when all the guys began to dance to Fergalicious. They did jazz hands, squats and all sorts of hilarious moves; they were all really into it, showing emotion in every step.

“I think it’s a cool experience to dance in front of the whole school with the state champions,” Maliek Merrifield said.

To wrap up the unbelievable dance, the belles transitioned into a partner dance with the guys. They guys spun, dipped and even snapped along with them and then ended it with a fabulous back to back finish with a final clap to seal the deal.

Everyone was on their feet as the assembly came to an end to show love to the dancers that just put on a great performance.

“I personally love Belles and Bros. I think it’s a really great way to get students involved with the dance team.” Kylie Bernet said.

The senior dance members made up a great dance and selected an amazing group of guys. Having to teach 30 people a dance is not very easy but they made it happen and perfected it.

There were obstacles, like having to teach all the football players the dance in two hours.

Now the guys have even been asked if they can do the performance again, at the Belles’ annual showcase this winter.