Blackout or Backout

The student section does a blackout at the first playoff game against Fort Zumwalt South


Jayce Haun

The student section continues to support the football team, joining them along on this journey through playoffs.

Doris Earle, Reporter

As the temperatures of fall are starting to feel like winter and football season is coming to an end, playoffs are on.

The crowd had a blackout theme for the cold November evening, and it was very well received. 

Freshman Riley Shelton, her twin Reagan Shelton and their friend Ava Reale express how excited they were for the football team’s future in playoffs.

“I think they are doing really well this season,” Reagan said. They have improved a lot.

“The games are really fun. Having fun with you friends and being able to support your school is one of the best things of Friday Night Lights,” Riley Shelton added.

Liberty’s student section always has some outgoing individuals and can always get a good crowd theme; so playoffs are a big deal. Supporting our teams is a big priority and when it came to this game, they weren’t messing around. Almost everyone dressed in black made the game even more exciting for the players and the crowd. 

Pictures being snapped, balls being run, instruments being played and calls being made are what makes a football game, a football game. Without it the crowd wouldn’t feel right, which is why the student section brings it all together. 

Many students were supporting the band by buying hot chocolate from their stand to sip on while cheering the boys on in the cold game. The stand sells things like coffee – with many creamers of your choice – hot chocolate, cookies; all profits go straight to the band, so they can fund many different trips and events. All food and supplies used are donated by the band members families. 

The student section was supporting the football players, hurrahing with every goal, screaming with every tackle, and doing crowd cheers.  As the temperature dropped, layers were bundled on and the score went up. As the time on the clock went down, the crowd got more excited.

The team got their victory they deserved, allowing them to go onto the next game of playoffs against Kirksville. The theme for the upcoming game has been decided as Grout (gray out).