Little Pick Me Ups

Students in health classes wrote letters to people they admire

video provided by Ms. Kleiber


LHS Publications

Freshman Sam Borton-Center reads her letters in Mrs. Hall’s sixth hour health class.

Cara Turner, Reporter

Students in health class were learning about what influences people have on a person and wrote letters to certain people that they admire.

They had a week to write it, then after, they went to the person and recorded themselves reading the letter to the person. Mrs. Hall’s, Mrs. Kleiber’s, and Mr. Clements’ class wrote letters. The teachers even contacted the parents and asked them to write letters. 

“I enjoyed it… I mean my mom says things like that all the time, but I still enjoyed it,” freshman Sam Borton-Center said. She has Mrs. Hall sixth hour. She received a letter from her mother. The letters from the parents were kept secret and when teachers handed them out, students didn’t expect it. 

“I felt touched because whenever my parents do stuff like that and surprise me I really take it to heart,” freshman Sarah Merino said. Merino also said that a retreat she went to in May did the same activity. She has Mrs. Hall’s seventh hour.

“I legit cried,” she says laughing.

The whole message here is to express your feelings and to know that you are loved. It’s always important to have some time to express feelings.