The Legacy Juice WRLD

Fans react to rapper’s sudden death

Serena Bartels, Reporter

Created by Serena Bartels
Juice WRLD’s fans were shocked when he died unexpectedly at 21 years old.

One of the number one American rappers Juice WRLD, real name Jared Higgins, died unexpectedly on Dec. 8, from a medical emergency in a Chicago airport. 

Juice WRLD died at age 21 years old, but some fans still believe he’s alive and out there somewhere faking his death. Although it may be strange, there are many conspiracies that led up to the day he died.  

The conspiracy first started when a trend on Tik T0k was created. People would shake in the middle of one of  juice WRLD’s songs “Lucid Dreams” as if they were having a seizure. 

“I think it’s weird that Juice WRLD died of a seizure, and just a month before he died, the trend of shaking in his song happened,” freshman Ava Swift said. 

Not only is there that conspiracy, but on April 24, 2017, Juice world tweeted out saying “My goal is to go overly famous, shine for a couple of years… then fake my death.”

The artist went from starting on Soundcloud when he was just a teenager to be one of the most known rappers and having a number one album. He received the top new artist award at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Isn’t that overly famous? 

There’s also a song called “Legends” that adds to the theories. In his song, he sings “What’s the 27 club… we’re not making it past 21.” 

Those three conspiracies led many people to think there was a chance that he was alive. Fans were confused and were very shocked. 

Juice WRLD left a legacy. He talked about struggles in his life like substance abuse and how he is reaching to become sober. Juice WRLD inspired people and even helped some through hard times through his music. 

His death was “Sad and very… very unexpected,” says freshman Kayla Venz. 

 In the end, it has been said that Juice world swallowed multiple pills to hide from federal agents, and his seizure could have been caused by the drugs.