Virtual Classes from the Student Perspective

How do students really feel about taking online classes?

Jayce Haun, Reporter

Jonas McCaffrey

“Online classes have been pretty good and for the most part, teachers have been effectively teaching. One of my teachers, Dr. Smith, has done a great job using Zoom to teach. Zoom has also allowed us to catch up with our friends who we haven’t talked to in a while and it also mixes up our learning style.”

Brooklyn Rudolph

“At first it was hard because I wasn’t used to not having a teacher to immediately ask a question to. That took a while to get used to, but now it’s not that bad. At times, it can be sort of confusing because instructions are not always as clear over an email as they would be in person. One thing that I do like is not having to wake up as early, but I really missing seeing everyone and going to soccer practice.”

Maddie Ashlock

“I definitely feel like online classes are so much harder than regular, in-school classes, even though it takes half the time to complete. I’m usually confused, and the response time from teachers is not always the fastest, and even when I do get a response, sometimes I am still confused. It’s weird not being able to ask questions in person. Learning from a Google Classroom link just isn’t the same as doing a lab or learning a lesson in person. On the other hand, I really appreciate how hard the teachers are working to help us, even though we can’t speak in person. It’s just not a good situation all around, but I think it’s bring everyone together somehow, by us relying on each other for help over Facetimes, Zooms, and emails with our friends and teachers.”

Katie Swanson

“I would say that I have a love/hate relationship with online classes. I like how I can work at my own pace, but I feel like teachers tend to cram work in and it can be stressful at times. It’s definitely different because I work better in a classroom setting where I can talk and work with my teachers and peers, so I’ve had to adapt to that. I still get all of my work done, I just feel like it’s hard adjusting at times.”