The ‘Hot Takes’ Podcast: An Update

How quarantine has affected our podcast and our lives

The Hot Takes Podcast: An Update

Jaxin Osinski, Reporter

Hot Takes first started in late January when we released our first podcast. We started to really take off with it in March which is one of the most sports-filled months of the year. We had already planned out multiple podcasts discussing March Madness, the NFL draft, and the NBA playoffs. Although due to COVID-19 we were cut short of recording any of our planned pods.

“I really missed out on March Madness. It’s my favorite sports playoffs and I was really looking forward to making those podcasts with the guys,” Jackson Koelling said.

Now even though we haven’t been able to record our podcast due to the quarantine, we haven’t slowed down as a group one bit. We consistently talk every day in our group chat about what is going on in the sports world. Whether we are updating each other on news or debating daily sports topics, we are constantly staying in touch with each other.

“The only thing helping me is being able to get all my opinions out in our group chat,” Andrew Hansen said.

This pandemic has made it very hard on us because it has taken away what all of us love which is sports. Our passion for sports is what makes us four such good and close friends. We all fell in love with the podcast and were looking forward to continuing it throughout the spring. With that not being an option anymore, we are all focused on preparing for senior year.

“Excited to make more pods on a bigger schedule and have a class with the boys,” Patrick Lynch said.

All four of us signed up to be in online news. This way all of us can be in the same class and be working on stories and podcasts together every day in class. This past year we all were not in journalism together so we had to come up with everything outside of school or in our English class which wasn’t the easiest. This year we will be much more organized and efficient with our work. Also, many projects will be made because we have much more time to spend together in school.

All the members of Hot Takes are already starting to prepare ideas for our senior year, so we can do big things. In months to come, Hot Takes is going to blow up and people are going to be noticing.