Using Quarantine To Their Advantage

Many Liberty Students got Jobs over the Extended Spring Break


Sruthi Ramesh

Many students at Liberty have gotten jobs over the extended time off, this past year.

Ally Schniepp, Sports Editor

Once lockdown set in and online school was official last spring, many students stayed inside and picked up new hobbies, such as watching Netflix or making Tik toks, but other students decided to use the lockdown to their advantage and applied for jobs. 

Junior Fiona Flynn is one of the multiple students who started working at Walmart over quarantine.

“I’ve been working at Walmart for about three months. I started right after school ‘got out.’ I worked full time over the summer, but now I’m just working part time because of school and sports,” Flynn said. 

Along the way, Flynn has met a lot of new people and even influenced a couple of her friends to think about getting a job.

“One of my closest friends, Katie Bolingbroke, just started working there a month ago because I finally convinced her,” Flynn said. 

Along with Flynn and Bolingbroke, several other juniors from Liberty work at Walmart, such as Sam Ptasienski, Chynna Yeh and Tye Yeh. 

“I wanted to make money,” Bolingbroke said about her job. Bolingbroke works in the arts and crafts department while Flynn stocks the shelves in the grocery section. 

Making money is an obvious perk to working, but Flynn has enjoyed more than just the paychecks.

“My favorite part about working at Walmart would be that some of the people I’ve made friends with that I originally would never have met,” Flynn said. 

Although this time has been tough on everyone, students like Flynn and Bolingbroke show that there is always a way to make good out of a bad situation.