Colin Doniff & Engineering


Sarah Downs

Colin Doniff works on one of many engineering projects.

Caleb Simmons, Reporter

This past year has been difficult with school changing through virtual, hybrid, and full time. It’s been difficult to keep a steady schedule going.

Colin Doniff is a student of the school’s Engineering PLTW classes. He enjoys subject because of its problem-solving aspect, practicing engineering every day at school and also at home (as homework).

“Engineering always has room for improvement. If you have an idea, you can always do it through engineering. In engineering, there are no bad ideas,” Doniff said.

Doniff is in Principles of Engineering, one of the many PLTW classes offered at LHS.

“We investigate entry-level engineering machines, construct bridges, head back to medieval times and launch boulders at castles, construct and program machines,” Mr. Creen said, Doniff’s PLTW teacher.

Following the prerequisite class of Engineering Essentials, students have the opportunity to take classes such as Introduction to Engineering Design, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering Architecture, Digital Electronics, and of course, Principles of Engineering.

“My favorite project was last year when we took apart model cars and measured each part, then we designed them in a 3D design modeling software called Design,” Doniff said.

Engineering is something that goes year-round, people never stop inventing. Inventiveness, creativity, and innovation are just a few of the many things that make the world go round.

“Engineers are able to build the next new item.  Give them a task and they will find a way to complete that task, hopefully, it’s a task that benefits human life,” Mr. Creen said.