Growing Liberty Library Offers Many Opportunities

What’s going in the library right now?


Sruthi Ramesh

Students can view the March Madness bracket by scanning the QR code outside of the Library.

Elizabeth Hamby, Assistant Editor of The Ledger

Tucked away in the cafeteria commons is the door that opens up to many opportunities and possible amazing destinations; otherwise known as the library. On this particular journey, we will be highlighting the happenings you might not have been aware of. All information can be found on the library website.

First up: March Madness 

All over Twitter booklovers are banding together to set books against each other to determine which will be the ultimate winner as a mock March Madness. Similar to the infamous basketball setup, usually two books will be matched up against each other, voting made clearer with teachers reading the first chapters of the said book. Every week after the Thursday school day the winner is decided and new teachers and new books are refreshed onto the library website under the Book Madness home tab are on display in the library for checkout  As of now the third week of the layout just ended but two pairs of books being highlighted are Spin read by Ms. Kennedy set up against Shout read by Ms. Gehrke; along with read by Dr. Kiely Opposite of Always versus Black Enough read by Mrs.Rosner. Ultimately, the librarian Ms. Oliva wants to reignite the love that you may have had for being read to. 

Next: STEAM Challenge

As you may have known with the monthly trip to the library with your English class, there is a STEAM (Science.Technology.Engineering.Art.Mathematics) challenge to participate in every month. Just because the due date for the March challenge has passed doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for the April challenge early. The play-on-word alias “Mo’ Money” is prefaced around students developing money knowledge. There are multiple opportunities listed on a widget on the library website but all you have to do is complete one of the activities and log it on this google form along with some quick takeaways. On the line is extra credit for English and a mini phone projector. 

Last but not least: Lit Loot Bags

The Lit Loot Bags established in the midst of the pandemic is basically a subscription to handpicked books from the librarians to you. Each month there is a theme they cater to. Books will be delivered to you on the last day of the month, this month’s theme being poetry and verse. To sign up, fill out this google form.