Wheeler & Hill: The Soul Of Liberty

Instructional assistance staff Dan Wheeler and Beau Hill keep Liberty’s culture alive


Sruthi Ramesh

Wheeler and Hill pose with Roger the Rooster in the 200 hallway.

Elaine Thimyan, Reporter

There are tons of things that make Liberty our home. From school rivalries, theater productions, school events like the polar plunge, no matter how diverse our student body is, or what our favorite activities are, we can all agree on who the soul of Liberty is. None other than Beau Hill and Dan Wheeler. 

Hill and Wheeler have been working together for quite some time. Wheeler has been working here since “the third day of Liberty’s existence” while Hill has been here since February 2019. Together they work as school’s Instructional Assistance or IA’s. But Wheeler’s and Hill’s presence here at school goes deeper than just being staff.

“I announce softball, volleyball, some football, basketball, wrestling, and soccer games. I help supervise lunches, I am a counselor and advocate, and a conveyor of knowledge… I am a security guard and a DJ. Bottom line, my goal is to make Liberty the best experience possible for everyone in the building,” Wheeler said. As for Hill, he values his connection with the students. “I love the inside jokes we have with the students and when they come to me for life advice and hearing your opinions; you all are smarter than you give credit for,” Hill said. 

While they are a part of many favorite events for the students, they have their own favorite memories and events here at Liberty. 

“Wheeler’s BBQ is pretty great,” Hill explained. While Wheeler didn’t say an actual tradition, he explained how much he loved the school lunches. “The break in the day gives the students a chance to recharge.” 

I have experienced so many great things in my life, I have never been happier and felt more home than the past 7.5 years at this place. It’s home.

— Mr. Wheeler

Students have never needed to recharge as much as they have in this strange year. Wheeler and Hill have been trying their hardest to keep everyone’s spirits alive. Being stuck at home for months wasn’t a blessing for many people, so when they’re here I wanted all of you to find some reason to smile,” Hill said. “I remind the students that brighter days are ahead and to stay focused on the positive,” Wheeler explained. Perhaps the most positive part of the school, of any school year, is doing those insides jokes, having those light conversations, seeking that advice, from the school’s most loveable two staff members. 

“I want the students to know that this is only the beginning. My best advice I have for the students is to learn how to work with others, learn to work together, not to let other people’s actions affect their own personal emotions and choices, and to take life by the horns and own it. Be the person you want to be, and most importantly, treat others how you want to be treated,” Wheeler said. As for Hill, his words of wisdom are “Don’t listen to your critics, no one ever built a statue for the angry crowd. Keep your teeth clean and listen to ‘Pet Sounds’ by The Beach Boys.” 

No one can doubt that Wheeler and Hill make Liberty unique from other schools in the district. What would Liberty be without them? Who would we be without them?

“Watching student-athletes succeed in several different championship events; the holiday season, the excitement of fall, and the liveliness of springtime; seeing the students walk across the stage at graduation; witnessing acts of kindness from hundreds of students throughout the years, it seems every day great memories are made at Liberty. I have experienced so many great things in my life, I have never been happier and felt more home than the past 7.5 years at this place. It’s home,” Wheeler said.