Student Council has planned a full week of festivities for Homecoming week. (Sruthi Ramesh)
Student Council has planned a full week of festivities for Homecoming week.

Sruthi Ramesh

HOCO 2021: A Recap

From Spirit Days to Football Games, Here's A Recap of Homecoming Week 2021

October 6, 2021

Homecoming Assembly 2021

Battle Of The Birds

Monica Reyes

Charlie Hebden (#81) and Sam Arrington celebrate by jumping in the air after Hebden kicks an extra point following a touchdown.

Battle Of The Birds

The Eagles lost to the Washington Blue Jays 29-14 in the Homecoming game

The Eagles faced the Washington Blue Jays in the Homecoming game on Oct. 1 where the Eagles lost 29-14. Going into the game, Washington and Liberty both lost to Fort Zumwalt South and held records of two wins and three losses. 

The Blue Jays scored the first touchdown of the game with 2:46 left in the first quarter. Landon Boston from Washington ran the ball two yards into the end zone for six points and Devon Deckelman secured the extra point by completing a field goal. 

Jordan Smith and his teammates celebrate after Smith scores a touchdown in the second quarter to tie game, 7-7. (Monica Reyes)

The Eagles started off the second quarter strong by scoring a touchdown with 10:13 left in the half on a run by senior Jordan Smith. After the 26-yard touchdown by Smith, junior kicker Charlie Hebden scored the extra point to tie Liberty with Washington 7-7. Defensively, senior Brandon Kertz was locking down the receivers and stopping their offense from gaining momentum. Unfortunately for the Eagles, the Blue Jays then scored their second touchdown of the game on a 17-yard run by Cam Millheiser and a two-point conversion run into the endzone by Devon Deckelman. The half ended with Washington in the lead 15-7.

During halftime, the Homecoming court was announced. The royalty for the freshman class were Kylee Bobbitt and Cody McMullen, the sophomores were Grace Edney and CJ Jefferson and the juniors were Alexis Shuster and Ethan Weiler. The senior court consisted of Bella Bahr and Carson Clay, Abby Lovell and KJ Lyles, and the Homecoming king and queen, Patrick O’Day and Amira Khayyat. After the court nominees were presented, the Lady Eagles cheerleaders and the Belles killed their halftime performances.

KJ Lyles takes a water break on the bench after playing a majority of the game against Washington. (Monica Reyes)

Moving into the third quarter, Washington held possession of the ball for most of the quarter. With possession comes control over the momentum and play of the game, making it hard for the defense to read the offense. On an 8-yard run, Washington successfully beat the Eagles defense and scored another touchdown. Going into the last quarter of the game, the score was 22-7, Blue Jays coming out on top.

The Eagles’ defense suffered a big loss in the fourth quarter when KJ Lyles was down for the count with 6:09 left in the game. Lyles is a motivational teammate on the defensive line for the Eagles. He is also an intimidating threat to opponents, which is why his injury was detrimental to Eagle’s success. 

A positive for the Eagles in this game was that senior Tye Yeh, one of the stronger defensive players, returned from injury for a few plays and got back on the field. Last season, Yeh led the team in defensive tackles as a junior with 67 total tackles. 

“It felt great to be back on the field, I really missed playing with the boys,” Yeh said. 

Shortly after Lyles’ injury, Washington scored their final touchdown of the game with 5:02 left in the quarter on a 25 yard run by Millheiser and a successful field goal by Deckelman. The Eagles then scored their second touchdown of the game with 3:09 left on the clock with a 52-yard run by sophomore quarterback Noah Kuehner. The Eagles didn’t give up, but after two completed passes from Kuehner to senior David Richard that were called no good by the refs, the Washington defense picked off a pass by Kuehner and stopped the Eagles momentum to end the game 29-14.

Washington           7     8    7    7 – 29

Liberty                    0     7    0    7 – 14

First Quarter
W: Landon Boston 2 run (Devon Deckelman kick), 2:46

Second Quarter
L: Jordan Smith 26 run (Charlie Hebden kick), 10:13
W: Cam Millheiser 17 run (Devon Deckelman run), 2:48

Third Quarter
W: Evan Gaither 8 run (Devon Deckelman kick), 9:15

Fourth Quarter
W: Cam Millheiser 25 run (Devon Deckelman kick), 3:22
L: Noah Kuehner 52 run (Charlie Hebden kick), 3:04

Homecoming Royalty

Anna Simms

Amira Khayyat (12) and Patrick O’Day (12) are awarded crowns during the homecoming football game for winning homecoming queen and king.

Homecoming Royalty

Students and staff win Homecoming king and queen for spirit week and Homecoming court

Students have been voted and chosen to represent the student body for Homecoming court. This year’s nominees include: 

Freshman Court: Kylee Bobbitt and Cody McMullen

Sophomore Court: Grace Edney and CJ Jefferson

Junior Court: Alexis Shuster and Ethan Weiler 

Senior Court: Bella Bahr and Carson Clay, Abby Lovell and KJ Lyles, Amira Khayyat, and Patrick O’Day; were all nominated to be king and queen this year. This year’s Homecoming queen and king are Amira Khayyat and Patrick O’Day. 

How did you feel about winning homecoming king?

“I was very happy and surprised to win king. I was surprised to be nominated because I didn’t even nominate myself. It is important because it shows off who the people want,” O’Day said.

How did you feel about winning homecoming queen?

“I think being homecoming queen is fun and just something to remember. I was surprised to be nominated because lots of people were trying to get nominated and I did not try at all so it was shocking. I think it’s important to be involved in high school and this was a good way,” Khayyat said.

Spirit king and queens were also determined. Our staff winner was Mr. McFadden. The students who won and proved they were the most decked out in their spirit ware were Serena Bartels and Colin Doniff. 

Mr. McFadden and Serena Bartels flaunt off their well deserved most spirited win. (Emily Barnett)

How do you feel about spirit week at school? 

“I love spirit week, I think it’s super fun to get involved and dress up and be a part of homecoming week,” Bartels said. 

What was your favorite spirit day this week?

“My favorite spirit day was probably pajama day because it was super comfy, I wore like this huge blanket on me,” Bartels said. 

What was your favorite outfit that you noticed on a student or teacher this week? 

“There were two people, Jayden Smith and Hayden Duenwald on twin day, I thought their outfit was super cool. It was basically a perfect match, it was awesome,” Bartels said. 

Colin Doniff (11) participates on Friday’s “Red-y for Red Carpet” theme. (Emily Barnett)

How do you feel about spirit week?

“I think it is really fun, it lets students be themselves more because we aren’t able to do stuff like this all the time,” Doniff said. 

Why did you choose to participate in spirit week? 

“Well, my sister went here and graduated in 2019. She won from freshman to senior year. She won every year. I didn’t want to be in her shadow, I just wanted to be myself so I decided to do it,” Doniff said. 

What was your favorite outfit that you noticed on a student or teacher this week? 

“On twin day, Aiden Barry and Molly Marino had shirts. One said if I´m lost return me to babe, then her shirt said I am babe. I thought that was really cool,” Doniff said. 

How do you feel about spirit week? 

“I feel good about spirit week. I think they chose the right winners for this year. I also would like to shout out to the juniors for the junior hallway. I thought the hallway looked really good,” McFadden said.

What was your favorite spirit day? 

“Definitely jeans day, I got to wear Ms. Pizzo’s jean jacket,” McFadden said.

Homecoming Spirit Week

Gabrielle Ball

Molly Marino, Brooklyn Rudolph, and Lillia Clay the day of the homecoming game dressed up for spirit week in all red, black and gold.

Homecoming Spirit Week

Your Guide To Homecoming 2021

Student Council Presents, “Dreaming in Gold”

It has been almost two years since the last “normal” homecoming that Liberty students saw. Last year’s homecoming festivities were sure to raise morale amongst the students, but still reminded them of what they were missing out on. But this year, the student council is ready to bring their “A-game.” Presenting, “Dreaming in Gold: Homecoming 2021”.

The entire week of Sept. 27 to Oct. 1 will be filled with Hollywood-inspired activities and spirit, and the homecoming dance will be modeled to look like Liberty’s very own award show. Below is all the information you need about this year’s homecoming week.

Weekly Theme: Hollywood, Dreaming in Gold

Dance Theme: Award Show, Dreaming in Gold

Important Dates:

9/20: Tickets & T-Shirt go on sale at lunch

9/26: Powder Puff Game @Heartland Field, 6 p.m.

9/27-10/1: Homecoming Week

10/1: Homecoming Assembly streamed during AI (Virtual)

10/1: Tailgate @Football Field Parking Lot, 6 p.m.

10/1: Homecoming Home Game vs. Washington, 7 p.m. (Red Out)

10/2: Homecoming Parade @ Holt High School, 9:30 a.m.

10/2: Homecoming Dance @Liberty Football Field, 7-10 p.m.

10/9: Backup Homecoming Dance Date


Homecoming T-shirts are a great way to commemorate homecoming and help support the actual event. T-shirts and tickets to the dance go on sale on Monday, Sept. 20. Guest forms for the dance can be found in the main office and at the ticket sales table.

  • T-Shirt Prices: $12
  • Hoco Ticket Price week of 9/20: $15 (Bundle Price for ticket & shirt: $25)
  • Hoco Ticket Price week of 9/27: $18 (Bundle Price for ticket & shirt: $28)

Spirit Week Themes (9/27-10/1): 

Monday- Inside Out (Color Wars)

9th – Yellow

10th – Purple

11th – Green

12th – Blue

Staff – Red

Tuesday- Stunt Double (Twin Day)

Wednesday- Grease (Denim Day)

Thursday- Bedtime Stories (PJ Day)

Friday- Red-y for Red Carpet (Red, Black, & Gold)

Chalk Art Contest (9/27-9/30): 

From 9/27-9/30, clubs and sports will have a chance to decorate their own sidewalk square in front of the school with chalk. Each group will be given a square in front of the school, and the design they come up with must fit within the overall homecoming theme.

To register for the contest, click here.

10/1: Winner of Chalk Art Contest announced at Assembly

Pep Assembly (10/1): 

The homecoming pep assembly will be Live-Streamed to YouTube on 10/1. Students will be able to watch the event from their AI classrooms.

Spirit Court: 

Dress up each spirit day & submit a picture of you at the Spirit Court Table to @wsdstuco on Instagram! Students will vote on who they want for their 2021 Spirit King & Queen!

  • 10/1: Spirit Court announced at Assembly

Homecoming Court:

As always, students will have the chance to nominate people from their grade to win homecoming king and queen. There is one couple selected from 9th, 10th, and 11th grade, & three couples chosen from 12th grade.

  • 9/20: Nominate people for Homecoming Court for each grade
  • 9/27: Voting for Homecoming Court for each grade
  • 10/1: Homecoming Court announced

Tailgate (10/1 @6 p.m.):

The tailgate is a great way to get hyped for the game and have some fun before all of the festivities happen. Right before the game at 6 p.m., students can come out to the tailgate on the football field parking lot to enjoy games like corn hole and washers, food and drinks, and fun with friends.

Game (10/1 @7 p.m.):

Liberty’s varsity football team will be playing Washington High School. So far this season, Washington has had 1 loss and 2 wins. But it is important to note that both wins have been very close, so the Eagles definitely have a chance to win this game. The stands will be packed with students in the “Red Out” theme, as they cheer on the Eagles to their hopeful victory.

Homecoming Parade (10/2 @9:30 a.m.):

Each year, all Wentzville high schools participate in a district-wide homecoming parade. Though it is always at Holt High School, the school in charge of organizing rotates each year. Timberland is hosting the parade this year, which will also be the first parade with four high schools. North Point’s activities (sports and clubs) hope to join in on the tradition on Saturday, Oct. 2. Come out to Holt at 9:30 a.m. to watch the parade and get in the spirit of homecoming!

Homecoming Dance (10/2 @7-10 p.m.):

The homecoming dance will take place on the football field, to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while also continuing the tradition of the dance. There will be concessions available for students to buy, as well as free water. Administration has made the decision to ban high heels and is encouraging students to bring more comfortable shoes to wear on the turf dance floor. To bring non-Liberty students, you must fill out the guest form, which can be found in the main office and at the ticket sales table.

Mr. Wheeler will be the DJ, playing a student-curated playlist. 

You can submit songs for the Homecoming Playlist here:

In case of inclement weather, the dance will be postponed to 10/9. If that date does not work out, there will not be any refunds issued for ticket prices.

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