Runaway Bride

Fiona Flynn was spotted at the whiteout game wearing a wedding dress


Chloe Stenger

Fiona Flynn and her partner Gilbert Sobieski at the whiteout football game.

Anna James, Reporter

Liberty’s whiteout game on Sept. 10 had a lot of excitement- especially with the sightings of a young girl wearing a wedding dress.

Fiona Flynn the a senior who had the courage to get a wedding dress and wear it to the first home game.

“I just wanted to do something spontaneous for the kicks of it,” she said. “Although it was exciting, the dress was still hot and really heavy- but that still didn’t stop me from wearing it for the whole time.” 

Even her boyfriend Gilbert Sobieski joined in on the fun and wore a whole white suit to match her. He thought it would be ironic, since she was wearing a wedding dress, to go in a matching suit and they made a perfect pair. 

Fiona Flynn in the dress she got from Goodwill. (Chloe Stenger )

The reactions Flynn got were really mixed; a lot of ungenuine and a lot of genuine people said they liked it and also thought it was a funny and great idea. But her dress also put a lot of people into confusion and was accompanied by weird looks. 

Adrienne Rockette, a senior and friend of Flynn, helped her with her dress. Rockette said her experience was fun and she thought it was a great idea. She helped safely pinned the dress in the back because it was too big for Flynn. But with a few pokes and moving around the pins, Rockette finally got the dress to stay on right.

“She looked gorgeous,” Rockette said about her friend.

Rockette also offered encouragement to express yourself and have fun through what you do, just like Flynn did with her dress. She will always have this fun memory and also her last first home game at Liberty High.