Homecoming Week Must Go On

Student Council Members Pre-film the School’s First ever Virtual Assembly

Student Council

Jaxin Osinski, Sports Reporter

In a year of uncertainty, let’s take a look behind the scenes of something never done at Liberty High School – a virtual pep assembly. Due to COVID-19, homecoming has been pushed back, but student council isn’t going to let that stop students from getting a homecoming week.

“It was quite different, and took me out of my comfort zone. Although I had a lot of fun and I am super excited to see how it turns out,” Stuco member Tess Roberts (11) said, who is one of the students running the assembly. 

The year-long theme “Decades” has led to the decision to make homecoming 70’s themed. So obviously the assembly has to match the theme of the 70s and the hosts tried their best to give the audience an enjoyable hippie experience.

This video was not the easiest thing to film, since it’s hard to bring out emotion and do everything in front of just a camera- with no actual audience.

“Aidan (Berry) and I had a lot of mess up’s and redo’s but once we started to get it down, we started to have fun with it,” stated Owen Herling another student council member that helped host the assembly.

Being able to adjust and make the best out of your situation is going to be the norm for students, all year long. And this is exactly what happened with the pep assembly.  

But just because the school physically can’t have an assembly, doesn’t mean there can’t be one. Students came together to film something that has never done before to give students across the school the best homecoming week possible. The assembly will be available to watch on Wednesday Sept. 23.