Should Students Still Participate in Halloween?

Students are questioning whether they should still take part in Halloween due to their age.


Bryleigh Conley

Should students still take part in Halloween activities this year?

Bryleigh Conley, Reporter

Students are always reminded of the thought of whether or not they are “too old” to participate in Halloween during this time of year. When is the ideal time to stop participating in Halloween activities?

Brooklyn Lowrie is a sophomore, and as of now, still participates in Halloween activities such as dressing up and trick or treating.

“I always have and always will go trick-or-treating,” Lowrie said. 

Lowrie believes students should continue going out for Halloween, and not stop participation due to a certain age. A lot of people may feel they are getting “too old” or that it’s “for kids,” but she believes you should do it while you still can, and enjoy it. 

“You can stop when you want to but there should never be an age limit on having fun,” Lowrie said. She claims that last year during COVID-19, even if she was to be quarantined, she would still dress up so she didn’t have to miss out. 

Lowrie was a black cat last year for Halloween, and though it’s a “Halloween classic,” it’s still her favorite costume. Her favorite Halloween candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Halloween is by far her favorite holiday.

Cameron Liddell is also a sophomore at Liberty High School. Since 2017 Liddell claims he has stopped participating in most Halloween activities. He claims he stopped because he was old enough to realize it’s for kids and that he didn’t want to celebrate anymore.

“You should stop participating at a certain age because it’s for kids,” Liddell said. He believes the age limit to trick or treating should be from at least 1-12 years of age. On Halloween, Liddell enjoys going to the store and getting candy for himself, then going home and watching movies.

Hannah Ingrassia, a sophomore at Liberty High School, still plans on participating in Halloween. Last year she still decided to go out, and still plans on doing it again. She enjoys trick-or-treating no matter her age.

Ingrassia believes that you should indeed stop trick-or-treating at a certain age. But instead of stopping so young, the ideal age to stop trick or treating is once you graduate high school. “It’s weird for a 21-year-old to go trick-or-treating.” 

Ingrassia enjoys dressing up in simple Halloween costumes. This year she plans on doing a scary mask-type costume, and last year she went out in a unicorn onesie. Her favorite candy is also Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

One out of three sophomore students believes it is still okay to participate in Halloween, on the other hand, two out of the three students believe there should be an age limit on participating. So what are your thoughts? Do you still plan on participating in Halloween activities? 

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