Local Dierbergs Celebrates Grand Opening

Dierbergs’ 26th location opens in Lake St. Louis area


Kay Copeland

Many people in our community are ecstatic due to the arrival of our brand new local Dierbergs market.

The highly-anticipated, brand new Dierbergs market has opened in Lake Saint Louis as of Tuesday, Nov. 2.

The store had its grand opening ceremony at 8:15 a.m., then finally opened its doors to the public at 9:00 a.m. The new Dierbergs is located at the southwest corner of Ronald Reagan Drive and Orf Road, next to Lowes in the Shoppes of Hawk Ridge.

“It was an all-in effort to finish the project on time to open by Nov. 2,” Dierberg Markets President and CEO Greg Dierberg remarked. “My family is incredibly proud of the drive and hard work from both of our teams and our many partners to create this beautiful new store.” 

The 71,000 square-foot store showcases the transformation of Dierbergs shopping centers. It features a brand new layout, interior design, and reimagination of Dierbergs’ fresh food departments including: the Dierbergs Kitchen, Dierbergs Butcher Shop, and Dierbergs Bakehouse.

The beloved “Party Center” has been renamed “Bob’s Barn” and features a full-size wooden barn within the store. Some other highlights include the Mercy Pharmacy, pizza cove, sushi bar, and a new health and beauty area.

Once known as the “Party Center,” the new “Bob’s Barn” showcases a full-size wooden barn in the store. (Kay Copeland)

More than 100 associates will be employed at the new shopping center. Additionally, an all-store hiring day was held on Thursday, Nov. 4 at each Dierbergs location to keep up with recent hiring efforts.

The Lake Saint Louis Dierbergs is bringing a few new businesses to the area. There are plans for the full site to include around 17,000 square feet of adjoining retail space, and two future building areas adjacent to Ronald Reagan Drive. Dierbergs and Capitol Land have already begun securing leases with The Post Sports Bar & Grill, Mercy Go-Health Urgent Care, and Treats Unleashed.

Sophomore Ben Janssen is one of the handful of Liberty students employed at the new shopping center. He describes the work environment as “amazing.”

“My favorite part about working at Dierbergs is being able to see some of my friends that I made, you get to know everyone there by name,” Janssen explained. “I see so many people from school alone at the new store, at least in the past week since opening day.”

Sophomore Liz Hayes is also an employee at Dierbergs. Their position is a stock clerk, which entails working in nearly all of the food sections and helping out where need be. They noted how flexible and enjoyable the work environment is.

The fresh food section of Dierbergs carries a plethora of different food items. (Kay Copeland)

“It’s pretty chill. Obviously, they want things done right but at the same time you get the chance to walk around, talk to a friend, hang out and have a laugh,” Hayes expressed. “But you’re still focused on what you have to do.”

Hayes also noticed the large number of high school students who are interested in working at the new Dierbergs. With the great benefits offered there, it’s easy to see why. 

“It’s a union, which I know some people don’t like,” Hayes explained. “But when you really look at the benefits, it’s great because if I stay there for a year I get a free ride to college up to a bachelor’s degree.”

The new Dierbergs is open from 6 a.m to 10 p.m, seven days a week. All locations will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Dec. 26. If you haven’t made your way up to the store yet, you’re missing out!