Jolliff Receives Teacher Of The Year Honor

Special education department head Denys Jolliff has been at Liberty since the beginning, and is recognized for her dedication


Alix Queen

Dr. Nelson enthusiastically awards Mrs. Jolliff the title of teacher of the year.

Since the origins of Liberty High School in 2013, only a handful of first-wave LHS teachers are still going strong. Special education department head, Denys Jolliff is one teacher out of that handful. Since the very first stages of Liberty, Jolliff has significantly paved the way for our school culture and brought plenty of light to its halls.

“She has been instrumental in developing everything around Liberty as far as our culture and that goes for the students and the staff,” math teacher Toby Glavin said. 

On Thursday morning, Nov. 18, staff members and students alike gathered at 7 a.m. at the main entrance of Liberty as Dr. Nelson announced the recipient of Teacher of the Year for the 2021-2022 school year. Many were nominated for such an honor, but ultimately Mrs. Jolliff took home the win.

Jolliff has been teaching at Liberty since the school opened its doors in 2013. Prior to working at Liberty, she taught over at Timberland for 13 years. Currently, she’s in her 25th year of teaching. 

“It really is an honor because there are so many good teachers here at Liberty and to be put in a category with anyone in this building is amazing,” Jolliff admired. “To receive this honor is even more exceptional.” 

Jolliff is the special education department chair, which entails coordinating the entire department. She also helps co-teach several math classes.

Math teacher Mr. Glavin had many more nice things to say about Jolliff. This school year, the two of them are co-teaching a class together for the first time.

Ms. Pizzo, Mr. Jolliff and Ms. Huesgen embrace Ms. Jolliff after hearing the great news. (Alix Queen )

“Mrs. Jolliff has been awesome since we have opened the school, since I’ve known her. She’s a great teacher, she’s also a great coworker,” Glavin commended. “She is definitely very deserving of this award.”

Building principal Dr. Nelson also shared some kind words about Mrs. Jolliff during the award ceremony. He exclaimed how she is “awesome with two exclamation points.” 

“Mrs. Jolliff is our special education department chair and she’s really really good,” Nelson praised. “She cares about kids, she helps her colleagues, so she’s about as awesome as you can possibly be.”

All of this celebration and admiration is highly deserved, and thoroughly earned. Congratulations to the new Teacher of the Year!