October Is a Special Month for Kleiber

P.E. teacher loves to spread awareness for breast cancer


submitted by Ms. Kleiber

The tennis team dressed in pink to support Kleiber through her tough time.

Ella Quinney, Reporter

When you hear that it’s October, you typically think of falling leaves, apple cider, pumpkin carving, and of course Halloween. However, when physical education teacher Molly Kleiber hears that it’s October, she remembers the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Kleiber was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2018. If not for her mom being diagnosed with breast cancer a second time six years earlier, Kleiber may have never taken the brachial 2 gene test, discovering that the breast cancer was genetic. After discovering that it was genetic, she began to have routine examinations. If none of this had happened, Kleiber could have found her cancerous lump too late.

Ms. Kleiber wears a hat her mother bought her, shortly after one of her surgeries. (photo submitted by Ms. Kleiber)

Kleiber received lots of blessings during her treatment, some from her family, others from the school. 

“I was luckily having to live with my parents, and they were able to help me out and support me through the whole process,” Kleiber said.

Her youngest child had just turned 1, and if she hadn’t been living with her parents at the time, life would have been a lot harder for her. 

One of the most significant blessings that Kleiber received during her treatment was from the school. 

“To help, the school did a fundraiser. They gave the money to my family, and it was right at Christmas time too. It was just amazing the amount of support, overall,” she said. This donation helped Kleiber afford her treatments and take care of her children. It was a huge help to her and her family.

Kleiber loves to spread awareness for breast cancer. Some ways she supports the cause during October is by wearing lots of pink and making donations to foundations that research ways to cure cancer.

Kleiber and her mom also run Caring for a Cause every May. They tend to donate a lot more money to this organization, since they provide women who can’t afford all the treatment costs with money. When the two of them are coaching they get their students to participate and run for the cause with them. Their goal is to spread the awareness of breast cancer, so that more people can help and support women going through this difficult trial.

If you are interested in making any donations to a Breast Cancer Awareness foundation the following links are for you:  American Cancer Society, Breastcancer.org, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Living Beyond Breast Cancer.