Is It Worth It? 

The balance of high school education and sports


Nicki Bruns

Kinley Jacobi and Victoria Grana do homework in the stands while watching varsity’s game against Fort Zumwalt East on Sept. 20.

Nicki Bruns, Reporter

Education and sports, a challenging balance that millions of high school students face everyday all throughout the U.S. 

It’s no secret that high school students have a busy schedule that can be hard to manage. Waking up early to go to school, learning all day, then coming home to complete homework, and finally going to bed. So add playing a sport into that mix, and it becomes even more difficult. 

Knowing that so many of my own friends live this lifestyle everyday, it made me wonder how high school athletes get it all done, and what their thoughts were on the subject. Can athletes truly excel in both sports and education, and still feel like they have enough time for themselves? And, is the huge time commitment even worth all of the struggles it brings about?

Volleyball defensive specialist Victoria Grana commented on her everyday schedule.

“The schedule does take up a lot of my time,” Grana said. “On practice days I have time to go home, do homework and fit in some free time if my homework load isn’t too much. But sometimes on game days it’s hard to go home and do homework since we can get home pretty late which can cause me to be really tired the next day.”

But even though her schedule can be difficult, Grana mentioned that it is all worth it.“

Volleyball gives me a chance to have fun with friends,” she said. “It also teaches me how to balance school with other activities. And, it keeps me in shape and helps prepare me for my club volleyball season.” 

Grana wasn’t the only one willing to speak about how she balances her schedule everyday. Morgan Pusatera, a sophomore dancer, commented on how the weekdays can be difficult to manage.

“During the week I don’t have much down time. Dance practice runs pretty late, so fitting in homework alone can be a struggle,” Pusatera said.  

However, she did explain how she can find time for herself on the weekends saying, “On Fridays I love being able to go to the Liberty football games, and having fun with all of my friends. And, on Saturdays I like to relax and spend the day at home, because it’s my only free day of the week,” Pusatera said.  

Pusatera also explained some things that make the busy schedule worthwhile. “Our dance coaches give us a lot of life advice which I really enjoy, because they teach me how to be a better person. I also love all of the friendships I’ve made at my studio, and I look forward to all of my dance competitions.” 

Even though so many students face this difficult schedule, a lot of high school athletes are willing to face the challenges it brings. The love of the sport, the friendships they form, and the lessons that they learn are what drives the millions of student athletes across America, and gives them the determination to succeed in both their education and sports.