Students College Preparation Is Easier Using SCOIR

SCOIR simplifies the process of applying to college


submitted by Ms. Gerringer

Students use SCOIR and research colleges during an apply week session in the college and career center.

Mattie Watson, Reporter

SCOIR is a college network that is used to help high school seniors apply to college. It simplifies the process of applying for college as well as finding the perfect college for the student to fit into.

The Wentzville School District has partnered with SCOIR and as of now, Liberty is offering career brain games, college research, and online sign ups for college rep visits. If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact college and career counselor Ms. Gerringer or watch a video about the site here. 

When the student opens the SCOIR website, they are greeted by the dashboard or the “home page.” The students can search for a college, view the status of their applications, review upcoming visits and deadlines, search for best matched colleges based on their interests, and view other colleges the student has not applied to that they may be interested in. The brain games are for students that aren’t sure where to take their career path.

The brain games help match the students interests and skills to a potential career the student may be interested in. If the student is already interested in some colleges, they are able to add the college to the “My Colleges list.” This will help the student stay organized and let them know they have applied to the college.

SCOIR is a great tool for all students. All students 9th-12th already have a SCOIR account.

— Ms. Gerringer

SCOIR also offers the option to attend college sessions and to compare four different colleges. On the discover page, there are three columns which are the colleges you are following, applying, and have applied to. SCOIR has a messaging center which is where the student will receive messages from colleges they are following, contact family, and for the colleges to contact their counselors.

Alix Queen is a senior at Liberty and has used SCOIR.

“It’s a lot easier to contact Ms. Gerringer faster,” Queen said.

Every student has a SCOIR account and is enabled to activate it. To activate the account go to the SCOIR website and “Sign in with Google” using a WSD account.

“SCOIR is a great tool for all students. All students 9th-12th already have a SCOIR account,” Gerringer said.

Overall, SCOIR is a great way for high school students to find their best match for college. With all of the features SCOIR has to offer ranging from the “My colleges list” to the messaging center, the SCOIR website is very beneficial as it will have almost everything the student needs at their fingertips. It will also help with staying organized, know what colleges the student has applied to, and easily research other potential colleges.

Apply month is October and there are many benefits to signing up.

“Seniors can sign up to attend an ‘Apply Month’ help session through their SCOIR account,” Gerringer said. “During these sessions, seniors come down (to guidance) and get help filling out and submitting their college applications while getting free food and prizes, too.”