Aaron Judge with the Rest of Yankees in Tow, are Headed for Glory

Aaron Judge beats the clean single season home run record

Aaron Judge is taking huge strides towards greatness.

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Aaron Judge is taking huge strides towards greatness.

Joey Brooks, Reporter

Aaron Judge is a man on a mission for the 2022 season. Judge is a 6’7″ right fielder for the New York Yankees, and he’s been on a recent hitting streak. Aaron Judge set the league on fire in his rookie season in the majors, hitting 52 home runs, with a .284 batting average, and driving in a whopping 144 runs. Aaron Judge’s 2017 rookie season is arguably the best season ever by a rookie player.

Yankees fans have been anticipating his breakout season. Due to his height of 6’7,” he sustained a back injury that sidelined him for most the 2020 season. Judge did make a comeback in the 2021, but his numbers weren’t nearly as good as his earlier campaigns.

Aaron Judge has gone on a tear this season and is the clear favorite for MVP. Judge was determined to reach new heights going into his contract year in 2022 so that his value would skyrocket. That’s exactly what he did, breaking the Yankees franchise record with 62 home runs in one season. Roger Maris Sr. set the record all the way back in 1961 with 61 home runs on the season. When Judge broke the franchise record, Roger Maris Jr. was in attendance. The son of the baseball legend commended Judge on his achievement.

Although the Yankees were swept by the Astros in the ALCS, nobody can deny the greatness of Aaron Judge’s remarkable 2022 season. Well, except for hardcore Yankees fans. Yankees fans were angered at Judge, who struck out at the plate 4 times in each game in 4 separate playoff games. Yankees fans booed him mercilessly, and further attacked Judge on social media.

Even though Aaron Judge did not perform at his expected level in the postseason, his 2022 season is one of the best in MLB history. What do you think about Aaron Judge’s 2022 season? Do you think Judge deserves the backlash he got after his underwhelming playoff performance?