Turkey Drive Looks to Brighten Families’ Holidays


Josh Deters, Reporter

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, many families do not have the chance to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. The Turkey Drive looks to fix that.

The annual Turkey Drive at Liberty takes place from now until Nov. 16 and accepts both money and turkey donations. Turkey donations will only be accepted on Nov. 16. 

Ms. McMillen, who helps sponsor the Turkey Drive, spoke about the importance of the event.

“The Turkey Drive is important because it helps to provide Thanksgiving meals for those in our community through the No Hunger Holiday,” McMillen said. 

Last year, Liberty partnered with Hunger No More, and was able to purchase and donate 107 turkeys. They hope to top that this year.

Senior Emily Northcutt is one of the students that volunteers for the event.

“I volunteered to the Turkey Drive because I am the vice president of the Student Council and a part of ASC,” Northcutt said. “This is an annual event the ASC puts on and it goes to a good cause for those in need.” 

Northcutt explained why it is important to donate to the Turkey Drive.

“It is very important for people to get interested and involved and donating because all the money donated goes to a great cause,” Northcutt said. “You can donate turkeys on the morning of Nov. 16 to help the families that are less fortunate.”

On top of that, there is an ongoing contest during lunch to see which teacher can donate the most money under their name. The teacher with the most donations will dress up like a turkey, and the one with the least donations will have to dress up like a chicken. Some of the teachers involved include Mr. Barnes and Ms. T.O.

If you want to donate a turkey, you can donate at the front of the school at 7 a.m. on Nov. 16.