Deep Dive Discussions Ep 1: Factors that Affect Education Quality in America

Deep Dive Discussions; a podcast with your favorite freshmen: Loukya Vaka and Ella Quinney.


Ella Quinney

On the first episode of Deep Dive Discussions, Ella Quinney and Loukya Vaka discuss the quality of education in America.

Loukya Vaka and Ella Quinney

Loukya Vaka and Ella Quinney discuss some of the many factors that influence the quality of education that the students in America are experiencing. Guest interviews include: Bradley Hudson (sophomore), Lilly Brown (sophomore), Lorelei Wise (freshman), Mr. Nelson, and Mr. Walterbach. In this episode, many different topics that regard education are looked into, such as the daily lives of students, difficulties students with diverse backgrounds face, the taxes going towards public schools, and the political side of education. Listen in on this episode to find out more about the teachings that the past, present, and future citizens of this nation are receiving.