It’s Spooky Season

Students and teachers around Liberty tell tales about their favorite Halloween activity

Will Bohn and Rachel Church


Rynell Ipema

Students and teachers discuss what they like doing the most on Halloween.

Rynell Ipema, Reporter

Trick or treat! With Halloween right around the corner, many students at LHS are on the search for stylish costumes, delicious treats, and scary haunted houses to explore while others have some old and new things in mind, to either keep their family tradition going or trying to create a new one. This scary holiday season the teachers even like doing spooky things. There are many haunted houses and festivals to attend. One popular activity is the Legends and Lanterns Festival on Main Street in St. Charles. Let’s find out what staff and students love to do this Halloween. 

Mr. Burthardt, science teacher, says that his favorite Halloween activity used to be trick-or-treating with his kids. His family used to go to his mother-in-law’s house around the Monticello area to trick-or-treat for the” good” candy in the big neighborhood. 

Junior, Payton Akers, loves hanging out with her friends and dressing up. When she was little, she went trick-or-treating with her friends and loved to visit pumpkin patches around the area. 

Mrs. Muench, business and marketing teacher, says that her favorite Halloween activity this year is going to be able to go trick-or-treating with her son, who actually understands it now. This year her son is going to save the world as Captain America. Her family also loves going to pumpkin patches to find the biggest and best carving pumpkins around. Something she did when she was little, was going to a Halloween festival and bobbing for bright red apples during the fall season. 

Many students around Liberty love to party on Halloween. Tyler Meier, a freshman, says that is the only thing he has done since he was little. He also used to enjoy going out with friends and trick-or-treating, but now he steals the kids’ candy.