SOAR Time Privileges Temporarily Revoked

Liberty makes changes to SOAR Time schedule for Nov. 11 and Nov. 14


Alix Queen

Students work in the auditorium during SOAR Time. Liberty will presumably return to usual SOAR Time scheduling on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Kay Copeland, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger

Liberty has seen the implementation of SOAR Time beginning this academic year. SOAR Time, or Power Lunch, is one hour out of the school day designed to provide student choice. During this time, students can eat lunch, attend club meetings or visit teachers for extra support, among a plethora of other opportunities.

Due to an altercation that occured during SOAR Time, the hour lunch period was cut short on Nov. 10.

“In order to ensure student safety and contain the disruption, today we ended Power Lunch early.” Building Principal Dr. Ed Nelson wrote in an email to Liberty families, “Power Lunch is a privilege for our students, and unfortunately, we need to make some adjustments at this time due to inappropriate behaviors taking place during the lunch hour.”

On Friday, Nov. 11 and Monday, Nov. 14, students will eat lunch in shifts depending on their fourth hour teacher. If the teacher eats during red lunch, students will eat then. If the teacher has blue lunch, they will eat at that time. The auditorium and gymnasium will also be closed to students on these days. Nelson explains how this will hopefully be a short-term change. 

“We anticipate that this transition will be short-term, and that we can transition back to traditional Power Lunch on Tuesday after students display respectful behavior,” Nelson said. 

For the Veterans Day assembly on Friday, Nov. 11, students will not sit with their grade level per usual. Instead, they will sit with their second hour class. 

Nelson concludes his message by reiterating what the purpose of SOAR Time is. 

“Power Lunch is a dedicated pause during the day to provide student choice. This one hour allows students to practice time management and self-care while having the opportunity to attend club meetings, receive academic help, work on group projects, visit with counselors, attend college presentations and take care of their individual needs.” Nelson continues, “We work hard to create a space that is safe for learning and appreciate you and your child’s support in this effort.”