Show Your Talent: The Time to Audition is Here

Auditions for the 2023 LHS talent show will be held on Dec. 7 in the auditorium after school. To audition to be a part of the show on Feb. 3, fill out the sign-up form


Loukya Vaka

The 2023 LHS talent show will take place on Feb. 3. To audition, students must sign up via Google Doc.

Loukya Vaka, Reporter

From singing, dancing, and playing instruments, to monologuing famous songs of our time or braiding hair – since its beginning in 2017, the LHS talent show has been displaying the many talents of students and staff who are a part of this school. 

Mr. Matt Barker, who is a sponsor of the Key Club, explains why the talent show was started and continues to take place year after year.

“First off, Liberty has so much talent that needs to be shown off, and it was a shame that people didn’t get to see how awesome our Eagles are. The talent show is also the only fundraiser that Key Club does all year where we raise money so that we can continue to raise money for other charitable causes,” Barker said. “Really, it’s to show off the talent of all the kids at Liberty.”

If you have a talent, then consider participating in the talent show to have some fun and show off what makes you special. Any and all talents are wanted at the event, no matter what they are, and you can easily audition either in person or virtually.

Lorelei Wise, a freshman, talks about why she decided to sign up to audition.

“I signed up because I felt like I wanted to do something individually for me that wouldn’t be necessarily driven only by competition, but just to show the school something interesting,” Wise said.

Senior and member of Key Club, Amanda Speciale, talks about why people should sign up to audition for the upcoming talent show. 

“It’s a really fun experience, and every time someone steps out on that stage the audience absolutely loves it, they are the most supportive people,” Speciale said. “It’s one of the best places to showcase your talents.” 

The Key Club works hard to make this event come together for everyone to see, and this year, the time to audition as an act is now! Auditions will be held on Dec. 7 after school for any and all who are interested in being a part of the show.

Mr. Barker describes the audition process.

“Auditions are super easy. There are QR codes around the school, and if you scan that it’s going to take you to a Google Form. From there, you can sign up to either audition in person on Wednesday, Dec. 7, or you can take a video of yourself, and it’ll tell you to send it to my email,” Barker explained. 

The auditions will be held in the auditorium, and you can audition as either a solo or group act.

To sign up to audition for the talent show, fill out this form with information about your act by 2:20 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Everyone is encouraged to consider auditioning so that all of the talents of Liberty are seen and applauded.