StuCo Spreads Holiday Cheer to Students

Liberty decks the halls for Christmas


Henry Sartain

Stuco members Campbell Bahr, Ava Swift and Anna Hillgartner decorate doors in the counselor’s office.

Josh Deters and Henry Sartain

It’s finally December which means that Christmas is right around the corner. People are decorating their homes to celebrate the holiday and Liberty is doing the same. Teachers are having their doors decorated to show their holiday spirit.

Currently, every teacher’s door is being decorated by Student Council. Each StuCo member decorates 2-3 doors. Many of the doors have been decorated already and the rest are still being worked on during Soar Time.

Ms. Shafer, who is the sponsor of StuCo, speaks on how the time between Thanksgiving and winter break can be stressful, but the door decs help to ease that stress.

Mr. Wheeler receives his desk decoration from StuCo member Ryan Casteel. (Marissa Shook)

“I think anything holiday related brings cheer to people, so seeing the entire building decked out for the holidays brings the mood up. The time between Thanksgiving and the holidays can be stressful, so the holiday cheer can really make our time at school feel a little more festive,” Shafer said. 

Senior and door dec. chair Emily Northcutt says she wants each door to look the most visually appealing and enjoys making others happy. Northcutt’s thought process is, “How can I go out of my way to make it the best one?” 

Senior Audrey Fleetwood, an additional door dec. chair, elaborated on the creative process. While the task can be somewhat stressful, Fleetwood believes that the final product is worth it in the end. 

“It is always exciting when I find out which teachers’ doors I have. I love to add my own spin on the design to try and make the teacher feel proud to display their door. I love painting the doors while listening to Christmas music, it always gets me in the spirit for the holidays,” Fleetwood said.

Stuco members Sydney Strassemeier and Jordan Schwent decorate a door in the 200 hallway. (Henry Sartain)

“It can be stressful making sure the door fits properly and has all the details while still being completed quickly, but the process is worth it because of the joy that the final product brings to the school.”

As you can see around the school, the doors and other holiday decor have created a festive environment. StuCo not only brings spirit to our school, but it also allows students to be creative and it is a good learning experience. These students have done an incredible job and have shown how much they care about our school.