Students Participate in the Tiny Paint Contest

LHS students let their creative sides show while painting on a tiny canvas


Micki Morris

Kaitlyn Benesek’s winning eagle painting that won 35% of the vote.

Bryden Bell and Mattie Watson

The library hosted its annual tiny paint contest during November and approximately 33 students participated in the painting/writing contest. The student would paint something on a tiny canvas then someone or the same student would write a short story connecting with the image. 

The student would have to follow the requirements of no more than 280 characters, original work, and being inspired by the artwork they choose. The contest with the paintings were due at the end of November and the short stories connected with the paintings are due Dec. 20.

“I think it’s really fun to see students be creative in ways that aren’t usually associated with the library, so it’s really fun just to see students demonstrate their painting skills,” Mrs. Kelly Olivia, Liberty’s librarian said. Olivia added on saying that she likes seeing all of the different paintings that were created by the students.

“It’s just another kind of fun way they can interact with things we do in the library,” Olivia said. “I feel like people are so creative with just a few colors and it helps us again just to get students and their creativity in different ways.” 

Kaitlyn Benesek poses for a photo with her winning painting. (Micki Morris)

Senior Kaitlyn Benesek was announced the winner of the contest on Monday, Dec. 12. Benesek won 35% of the vote with her eagle painting. Benesek gets to receive any Starbucks beverage of her choosing as her award.

“I like creating a visual experience that you can get from like photography, like creating my own medium,” Benesek said. Benesek likes to paint in her free time and even participated in last year’s tiny paint contest. 

To all the people who want to join the tiny pen contest, you can talk to Mrs. Olivia for extra information in the library.