School Board Declares an Extended Break

WSD Board of Education revises academic calendar to allow an extra day of winter break


Kay Copeland

Classes will resume on Tuesday, Jan. 3 following winter break.

Kay Copeland and Bryden Bell

During a WSD Board of Education meeting held on the evening of Thursday, Dec. 15, the Board passed a motion to extend the district’s well-awaited winter break by one day. The news comes just three school days before the official start of winter break on Dec. 21. 

There will be no classes in session on Monday, Jan. 2, which was originally scheduled as a late start day in the district. Classes will resume on Tuesday, Jan. 3. All buildings will follow their typical bell schedules. 

WSD Superintendent Dr. Danielle Tormala explained how this additional day off will not severely impact existing instructional hours already embedded into the calendar. 

“We have enough flexibility within the hours of instruction we already have embedded into the school calendar to be able to absorb this day without having to impact or change anything else.” Tormala stated, “That would not change any of our inclement weather days that are embedded as well.”

The vote was unanimous with all Board members voting to pass the motion.

Students and staff alike were in support of having this additional day off. Sophomore Cadence Mahoney believes that extending the break was a great move on behalf of the Board, and she remarks that it’ll make it easier to return to school in January. 

“It’s nice because we will go back to school and expect a short week, especially after the holidays,” Mahoney stated.