Trending Books That You Can Read Next

The top trending books that are very popular on #BookTok


Bryden Bell

#BookTok has been all over TikTok and helps teens find good recommendations.

Bryden Bell, Reporter

The #BookTok has been all over TikTok, where creators post their favorite books or book suggestions. Now that 2022 is over, here are the trending books from this past year according to Barnes & Noble.

1. If He Had Been With Me by Laura Nowlin

“If He Had Been With Me” is a YA romance novel centered around a girl named Autumn. Her childhood best friend doesn’t talk to her anymore, and she wonders what would happen if they were together. This novel is “captivating and heartbreaking” according to Barnes & Noble.

2. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

This YA murder mystery novel is a New York Best Seller. Pip (the main character) is investigating a murder that happened in her town. Everybody thinks they know who did it but things aren’t matching up for Pip. Is the murderer who everyone thinks it is innocent? This book has lots of plot twists and the suspense is worth the wait.

3. Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter

I have read “Better Than the Movies” and it is a really good book. If you are looking for an enemies to lovers trope, this is the book for you. Liz, a hopeless romantic, is head over heels for her childhood crush who just moved back from Texas. Liz’s annoying neighbor, Wes is friends with Michael. Liz’s world is turned around when she starts to fall for Wes instead.

Freshman Mattie Watson has read this book and recommends it.

“I really enjoyed this book because I love romance books, and this book really has a good plot, and I couldn’t put it down.”

4. The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith

This book has gained a lot of attention on TikTok. The main character, Eden, is just entering high school when something completely changes her world. Now she can’t go back to how she used to be. This book is told in four different parts, each year in high school.

5. The Heartstopper Series by Alice Oseman

“The Heartstopper Series” is a four series book that follows Nick and Charlie as they go through life and relationships. Netflix recently made an adaptation based on the comics. This series is an LGBTQ+ comic and there are some serious topics that are talked about throughout the books. This series is super wholesome and it’s a really good read.

These are just some of the trending books from 2022, there are many more. If you want to see more click here for Barnes & Noble’s selections.