Should Final Exams Take Place After Winter Break?

Liberty students prepare for final exams after a lengthy winter break

Megan Geisler, Blake Cunningham, Josh Deters, and Joey Brooks

Josh Deters and Joey Brooks

As we are rapidly approaching our post winter break, many teachers and students alike have their own opinions on administering final exams almost immediately following the lengthy holiday break.

U.S History teacher Ms. Dupske explains how she understands that having finals after winter break can often have some negative impacts.

“As a teacher, I feel like it is probably hard to learn and then have a two week break off school. It would probably be a lot more challenging to recall that information because it’s not as fresh in your brain, because nobody wants to study over winter break.” Dupske said. “It’s probably going to be a slightly lower performance than it would be before winter break when it was readily available in their minds.”

Dupske has also noticed that students’ and teachers’ focus is a bit more lacking after winter break.

“I’ve noticed in the past week, even for myself, that getting back into the routine into teaching, that I’ve slipped up. Luckily [finals] are two weeks after break so it gives you some time to readjust, but definitely that change after break is rough,” she said.

Having final exams after winter break also isn’t helpful to the students that already struggle with studying and retaining information for long periods of time. Sophomore Elizabeth Bowen understands this feeling, stating, “I do not have very good studying skills and this year is harder than others in the past,” Bowen said.

Overall, it seems like students and teachers alike are dissatisfied with the controversial move to have final exams moved to after winter break, instead of the original format of having them before break. It remains to be seen just yet, but this is a decision that very well could negatively impact students’ grades as we reach the end of our first semester.