Annual Film Festival Allows Young Filmmakers to Shine

The annual WSD Film Festival has much to offer for aspiring filmmakers

The seventh annual district-wide Film Festival is accepting submissions now through March 31.

Wentzville School District

The seventh annual district-wide Film Festival is accepting submissions now through March 31.

Henry Sartain, Reporter

There are many huge events that take place in the Wentzville District, and many of them are great ways to learn more about yourself and what you enjoy. One of those events is the annual WSD Film Festival. This is an event where students in the district create and submit videos that they’ve made in order to win a prize.

The festival was created back in 2017 and the results of this event have been very successful. The festival allows students to act as real writers and directors and to challenge themselves. Each student gets to create a film based on one of the following topics: instructional, informational, PSA/commercial, story, music video, news package, sports and animation. Each category has its own maximum time requirement.

Brayden Altrup (10) sets up a camera to compete in the Film Festival with the assistance of Samantha Carr (11). (Henry Sartain)

There are certain rules that students have to follow. You cannot submit a film that was previously submitted, all grade 6-12 entries must be exclusively student written and produced, while grade K-5 students are allowed help from a teacher. For more information on rules, categories and submission requirements, visit the WSD Film Festival website.

Kelly Oliva, Liberty’s librarian, loves the film festival. She not only helps “get the word out” but also has been a judge for the event. Ms. Oliva expresses that the festival “lets students who have the ability to make films shine.” She also states that “the excitement has dropped off” and she hopes it will become more popular again.

WSD Instructional Technology Coach Samantha Knoll helps out by teaching children how to use programs like WeVideo. She has been apart of this event since it was still a mere idea. She says that it’s good for students “to have an authentic place” to work. She wants kids to work in an area that makes them seem professional. Ms. Knoll loves all the video submission categories, but would like to see a social media type category.

The film festival truly is a great event that challenges kids and shows their creative side. If you are interested in the art of making films and want to win a huge prize, submissions are open now and they close on March 31.