The Sweetest Dance of the Year

Winter formal and homecoming share many similarities and differences


Alix Queen

Austin Capizzi (11) dances alongside his peers at winter formal.

Brooke Lawson, Reporter

When you think of winter formal, you may think about a dance nobody would want to go to. The big question everyone asks is, what do you do while you’re there?

Winter formal is a dance for everyone. The purpose of this dance is to have a good time before finals and after a long break. At winter formal you will see kids laughing, taking pictures and dancing.

This year’s winter formal dance was held on Jan. 7 from 7-9 p.m. in the Liberty cafeteria.

The main difference between winter formal and homecoming is that there are fewer people. There were far less people people walking around and dancing than you’d see at homecoming.

Everyone requests songs and dances next to the loudspeakers at winter formal. When Pitbull and Miley Cyrus came on, everyone was screaming the lyrics and dancing with their friends.

The song that every girl was dancing and singing to was “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. Another big song everyone was singing along to was “Fireball” by Pitbull.

DJ Coach Wheeler plays music at the winter formal dance while Dr. Nelson gets his groove on. (Alix Queen)

When you ask students how their winter formal was, they’ll tell you they loved dancing with friends and letting go for the second time this school year.

At homecoming, you see people walking around and doing their own thing, but at winter formal there are about 100 students in attendance.

Reagan Pierski is a freshman who went to both dances for the first time this year. Her favorite song throughout the night was “Dancing Queen.” Her favorite school dance was homecoming but she loved how winter formal was a smaller version of homecoming.

“My favorite part of winter formal was being able to hangout with friends the whole time,” Pierski noted. She also said she will definitely go to both dances next year.

Bella Romine is a freshman who also went to both dances this year. Her favorite part of winter formal was dancing and laughing with all of her friends.

“I loved getting to meet new people throughout the night and I got to dance with all of my friends,” Romine commented.

Romine wouldn’t change anything from both dances, and her favorite song was also “Dancing Queen.” She will be going to winter formal again and can’t wait for next year.