Liberty Hosts a Fundraiser in Honor of Student Marissa Carr

More than $300 was raised for the Epilepsy Foundation


LHS Cheer Team

The varsity cheer squad sits with their “in loving memory of Marissa” t-shirts.

Mattie Watson, Reporter

Liberty hosted a fundraiser on Friday, Jan. 6 for the Epilepsy Foundation to honor Marissa Carr, a student who passed away. The mission for the Epilepsy Foundation is to help people who have epilepsy overcome the challenges of living with the disorder. This foundation helps connect people to treatment and support, continue research, and educate the public about epilepsy.

Liberty raised more than $300. Popcorn was sold along with different seasonings to choose from. The art department sold t-shirts for $5 and the proceeds also went to the Epilepsy Foundation.

Sophomore Marissa Shook volunteered to sell popcorn for the fundraiser.

“Getting to interact with the kids, they were so excited about it,” Shook said about her experience of volunteering. “They knew what it was about. Marissa was always smiling and laughing no matter what the situation was about.”

Senior Emily Cumberland was another participant in the fundraiser. She says she got together with her cheer coaches and they all agreed to wear purple ribbons in their hair for epilepsy awareness. Cumberland and and the cheer team wore t-shirts and decided to wear them at a basketball game where Marissa’s family was in attendance. Cumberland says it felt amazing to show support by wearing the shirts.

The Epilepsy Foundation is a great organization to support. You can donate by mail, through a partnership or even by donating used clothing and household items you no longer need or want anymore. You can learn more information about the Epilepsy Foundation by clicking here.