The Struggle Between Sports and Friends

Baylie Roetemeyer and the struggle of choosing between softball and friends


photo courtesy of Baylie Roetemeyer

Baylie Roetemeyer connects on a pitch in a game during the softball season.

Brooke Lawson, Reporter

Baylie Roetemeyer is a sophomore who knows the struggle of juggling her sport and friends. Roetemeyer plays softball for Liberty and she plays travel ball for her team Sluggers.

When you ask her how she makes time for both school and softball, she will say how she tries to finish all of her work at school then goes home and finishes what she had left.

“I make sure I do my school work right after I get home so I can get it done before practice,” Roetemeyer said.

Roetemeyer doesn’t mix her softball friends with her school friends. She’s more comfortable with her softball friends because they have seen her at her best and at her worst.

She says, “It’s like an escape from reality. I’m more myself with my teammates than my school friends.”

Baylie Roetemeyer plays catcher as one of her positions on the softball team. (photo courtesy of Baylie Roetemeyer)

Roetemeyer has softball practice four days a week and then a tournament each weekend. This is hard for her when she has school and when she wants to hangout with her friends. School is a huge priority to her and that comes before everything. It is a mental battle to decide how much time she wants to spend on the things she loves most.

“I love my sport, they are like my second home,” she said.

Morgan Murphy is a freshman who plays high school softball with Roetemeyer.

When you ask Murphy how Roetemeyer is as a friend and teammate, she will say, “She is one of the best teammates and friends I have. Over the years she always sees the positive even when the situations are bad.”

Roetemeyer inspires Murphy to become a better teammate and she makes Murphy want to work harder so she can get better just like her.

“Baylie is dedicated to softball and spends most of her time practicing and does anything she can to get better at it,” Murphy said.