How Hip-Hop Opened the Door of Opportunity

Kiersyn Roberson finds a love for dance


submitted by Kiersyn Roberson

Kiersyn Roberson (11) performs her solo routine at a dance competition.

Hailey Davies, Reporter

Kiersyn Roberson, president of FCCLA, Class of ’24 class president and the president of French Club, balances good grades and a competitive dance career. Roberson is involved in school activities as well as outside activities. She manages to get straight A’s while working on club activities and her sport. What most people don’t know about Roberson is that she is a member of the Inertia Legacy Dance Company. Roberson began her dance journey at 13 years old. 

Roberson started watching dance when she was around 7 years old. In childhood Roberson was a gymnast, so dance didn’t really interest her. Roberson ended up getting an injury as a gymnast which led to her quitting the sport. Fortunately for her a new opportunity has arised. One of her good friends introduced her to a hip hop class. Roberson continued it and kept adding more classes until she got to where she is now. 

Roberson competes in solos and duet dance competitions/showcases across the state. Roberson competes in hip-hop and contemporary dances. Her inspiration comes from her dance family and friends. They push her everyday to be her best.

“They challenge me everyday to try new things and be a better version of myself,” Roberson says.

Roberson’s friend Jersey Goodall states, “Kiersyn always pushes herself to be her best and she is so involved.”

Roberson wishes to carry out her dance career into her future. As of right now she would like to continue dancing after graduation. Rather than dancing for a college or university, she would like to look into adult classes.

“I will look into dance classes for adults in order to continue doing something that I love,” Roberson said. 

Dance has become a new passion for Roberson. The studio is very inclusive and is her happy place. When asked what her favorite dance memory, Roberson answered with, “When I competed in solo.” It’s her favorite because she placed very well and earned a costume award, as well as being inducted into the NHS on the same day.