Meet New Business Teacher: Lisa Brunk

Lisa Brunk has recently been hired for help co-teach broadcast media


Mrs. Brunk has been a teacher for more than 20 years and recently worked at Holt.

Bryden Bell, Reporter

Liberty has welcomed another new teacher this school year. Mrs. Lisa Brunk is the new business and also co-teaching broadcast media with Mr. Hall. She has been teaching for more than 23 years. 

Brunk spent time teaching at Holt High School, as well as the community college for 16 years. She taught business and marketing classes while she was teaching. She recently retired due to a health scare and fortunately she is all good now. 

When asked why did she want to come back and teach she responded, “I just love the kids. I miss their energy.”

Brunk enjoys getting to teach broadcast media, and says she is looking forward to learning more. She will split her time at both Timberland and Liberty. 

She has two kids who graduated from Holt, and three step kids who are all grown. Brunk loves to travel with her family. She graduated from Lindenwood University with her Bachelor of Science in Business, and her Master of Arts in Education. 

Brunk says she likes working at Liberty because she is so familiar with most of the people who work here since some of them are from Holt.