The Definition of a ‘Theater Kid’


Alix Queen

Freshmen Tyler Bugg (right) and junior Madeline Claravall perform as Gander and Goose in “Charlotte’s Web.”

Micki Morris, Reporter

Tyler Bugg – you know him if you picked up the last issue of the magazine, or if you’ve done anything in the theater this year. That’s right, the random kid you’ve seen on the cover of the magazine is freshman Tyler Bugg. 

Even though he’s only 15-years-old, Bugg has been in many performances, including a role at The Muny this past summer. 

”I think the product was very professional and an amazing experience as a young actor,” Bugg commented on his role as part of the children’s choir in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Bugg was able to be a part of the show through The Muny’s Kids program. This year Bugg is going to audition for The Muny again, but this time with The Muny Teen’s program.

“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” isn’t the only big role Bugg has played. He also played Jack Kelly in Dayspring’s production of “Newsies” last June. 

“It was amazing to play the lead of a show I’ve loved so much and have basically memorized,” said Bugg, when talking about playing Jack Kelly, one of his dream roles.

Tyler Bugg and Madeline Claravall look at Sheep and Lamb in “Charlotte’s Web.” (Alix Queen)

But the productions don’t stop there. Bugg has done so many more, such as but not limited to “Big, The Musical” with STAGES Performing Arts Academy, he starred in Frontier’s “Moana Jr.” as Maui, he  played the Gander in Liberty’s “Charlotte’s Web,” and he plans to appear in “Bright Star.”

Bugg is not only admired for his work in theater but also as a person. His friend, Sebastian Tabers, who was also in “Charlotte’s Web,” says that Bugg would help him during rehearsals, due to the fact that it was Tabers’ first performance ever. 

“I admire how confident he is all the time,” Tabers said.

Bugg’s journey started back in second grade, although in North Carolina there weren’t as many acting opportunities. So when Bugg and his family moved to Missouri in 2019, he began to take classes at the many performing arts schools here. The most notable place is STAGES Performing Arts Academy. Bugg is now a part of their Triple Threat Program.