Medic in the Making

Sophie Hegyi gets first-hand experience from EMTs in ride along program


submitted by Sophie Hegyi

Sophie Heygi stands in her uniform at a back-to-school event where she showed kids the ambulance.

Mattie Watson, Reporter

Sophia Hegyi is a sophomore at Liberty High School who gets to participate in a unique real-life experience.

Hegyi volunteers to do ride-alongs as part of a program with the Lincoln County Ambulance District (LCAD). Hegyi states she went to a conference last year for an EMT event. She met a girl who mentioned the Lincoln County Ambulance District Explorers which would accept Hegyi’s age at the time.

During the summer, Hegyi joined the program and got to meet many paramedics and learn basic life support. Through the Lincoln County Ambulance District (LCAD) program, Hegyi is getting certified to do ride-alongs both observational and clinical. Hegyi says she should be certified by Feb. 28. While she’s waiting, she applied and was accepted to a mini academy for teens who want to go into EMS through St. Charles County Ambulance District (SCCAD). She is attending in April and learning more advanced medical related stuff.

“I love the thought of helping people, and the idea of no day on the job is ever the same or in the same place is very intriguing as someone who just cannot sit at a desk all day,” Hegyi said. “The biggest draw to the job however is the ability to help people mentally when they most need it. If you are in a situation where you need to call an ambulance, you’re probably having a rough day to say the least. Not only do I want to help those people physically but also mentally.”

Hegyi grew up with severe anxiety and has experienced panic attacks in the past which makes her want to help people even more by being an EMT.

“I can say that those moments of panic are some of the worst in your life. If I could help someone get out of one of those moments or prevent one, that would mean so much to me and hopefully them,” Hegyi said, talking about her panic attacks.

Hegyi states she is glad she is getting close to her goal, but is a little nervous. Overall, Hegyi is excited about this amazing opportunity.