Controversy Surrounds Chinese in Balloon Incident

Suspicions arise due to a new sky sighting


Landon Woodson

There was a Chinese balloon spotted over the United States recently.

Joey Brooks, Reporter

A recent source of controversy surfaced with the “Chinese spy balloon.”

Now, let’s get into the juicy details about this recent act of espionage orchestrated by the Chinese government.

Earlier this month, the first sighting of the suspicious balloon was recorded in Montana. The U.S. government soon uncovered that the balloon in question was not American, but a Chinese balloon instead. In response to the accusations against them, the Chinese governing body responded by claiming that the balloon was just a Chinese weather balloon that had been blown off course.

The odds of the “weather balloon” being blown off course to such an extent that it flew over the Pacific Ocean completely by accident is very low. Then on top of that, the balloon then entered U.S. airspace, and proceeded to slowly drift over the United States. The balloon passed over several states and covered thousands of miles.

In the meanwhile, the U.S. government was deciding on how to shoot the balloon down in a safe manner. Also, the U.S. government wanted to retrieve as many cameras and/or technology used for espionage as possible, to further investigate the matter.

After a long journey over the United States, the balloon was finally shot down over the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday, Feb. 4. In the video showing the balloon being shot down, the cargo being held by the balloon seemed to stay intact.

There have been reports of the Coast Guard retrieving the confidential material once held by the balloon, but nothing has gone public yet. We’ll all just have to wait to see what facts are uncovered.