Deep Dive Discussions Ep 2: Mental Health and How It Affects Our Youth

On the newest episode of Deep Dive Discussions, your favorite freshmen, Loukya Vaka and Ella Quinney, return to discuss a new topic

Loukya Vaka and Ella Quinney


Ella Quinney

On the second installment of Deep Dive Discussions, Ella Quinney and Loukya Vaka discuss how mental health affects our youth.

Loukya Vaka and Ella Quinney

Loukya Vaka and Ella Quinney discuss mental health and its place with the youth of America. Special guest star, freshman Rathi Thiagarajan, shares her thoughts on why there should be more awareness of mental health, how she copes with stress in her life, and her hopes for the future in regards to the general knowledge about the importance of mental health. Join us as we dive deeply into Missouri’s mental health stats, useful ways we cope with stress, what it’s personally like as a teen when facing your own mental health and all of its confusing areas, and provide some tips and useful hotlines for when you need help dealing with your own mental health.