LHS Band Jazzes Up Their Routine

LHS Band practices with some jazz professionals


Cara Turner

Junior Connor Higlen and senior Josh McGinnis participate at jazz clinic in the auditorium on Feb. 6.

Josh Deters, Reporter

Various professional jazz artists from the Jazz of the Bistro visited Liberty on Feb. 6 to help them improve their skills, including working on their harmony, and to improve on the fundamentals that will help them throughout their lives. Jazz of the Bistro is a program where jazz musicians visit St. Louis as a part of the Jazz St. Louis education program.  

Band teacher Mrs. Magno explains the benefits of having band students practice with jazz artists. Members of Holt High School’s jazz band also attended the clinic.  

“Sometimes they (my students) hear new things that we may not have thought of, or sometimes they hear things that are what they’ve been told but presented in a different manner that helps it all make more sense,” Magno said. “And it’s really awesome to get to hear from musicians and educators that are playing and teaching at the highest levels, because it’s really inspirational for all of us to have the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest jazzers in the country.” 

 Senior and band member Shane Wolz explains what made this practice different from usual practices and the importance of being able to practice with jazz professionals. 

It’s always important to learn from those who have more experience.

— Shane Wolz

“It’s different because these people aren’t teachers. They are going to explain jazz in a way they know how so you get many different outlooks on how instruments and parts are meant to sound,” Wolz said. “It provides a more in depth look into real jazz practices.”

Junior Connor Higlen explains why it was important to him to work with professionals.

“It’s always important to learn from those who have more experience,” he said.

Overall, the LHS band program had a novel practice that really helped the band improve their jazz playing skills in a very unique and creative way.